Announcing baby boy Moseley, born 11-16-2014. His name is revealed towards the end of the video. :-)

A long-time friend of ours, Hannah P., graciously did some pre-baby photos of us.  Enjoy!

If you know us or have been following our blog since we’ve gotten married; you may have noticed that we love Breckenridge. It’s a close mountain get away where we tend to go a couple of times a year. We had the opportunity to have one more weekend away early in October.  We were hoping to see some good fall colors, but mostly just enjoyed the time away together without needing to think about all the preparation to be done. We walked around town and Nick enjoyed being creative with his photography.  Heading home we wanted to cross Mosquito Pass to Leadville then up to I70; however, on the way up it was pretty bumpy and we got to a very steep point.  Knowing this is the highest mountain pass in CO at over 13K feet. I was not in the mood to possibly go into labor early on this bumpy dirt road, so we turned around.  It will have to be another adventure for another day.

Here’s a video of our weekend –


This year we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by taking an extended weekend in Crested Butte and surrounding area.  We took a couple of days off work and headed out on a Thursday morning.  We were anticipating seeing some Aspen leaves changing, but it was a bit early.  We enjoyed driving over Kebler Pass and into Paonia where we found a delicious farm to table cafe. We also tested 4 local wineries: Black Bridge, Stone Cottage Cellars, Terror Creek Winery, and Azura Cellars. Paonia is the “Palasade” of the east side of the Grand Mesa, so the fruit is abundant; however they tend to make their wines in a smaller more “European” style (so we were told).  We really enjoyed visiting with the wine makers. We then drove down along the eastern edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and back up to CB. The next day we decided to drive another road called Ohio Pass with better fall colors and paused for a short hike up to Beaver Ponds. We ended the day with dinner at Garlic Mike’s right outside of Gunnison.  This was the same restaurant we had dinner the evening we got married!  The food was delicious!!! When we left it was rainy which provided some different scenery for photos and we decided to drive a different route up to Taylor  Park Reservoir and Cottonwood Pass to Cottonwood Lake. It was a great weekend to get away and relax.


Or watch video directly on Vimeo at




For the past 3 years Kara has helped to organize a conference for people who are a part of or interested in simple church.  The conference is put on by the LK10 organization and has been attended by 50-60 people from all over the US and sometimes the world.  It is such a great time of sharing with others about simple forms of church. We practice “table churches” for the weekend where everyone is a part of a small church to share their hearts and listen to God together.  As we have attended these past 3 years we have enjoyed getting to know others who are like minded in this area. We had the conference this year at Bear Trap Conference center and had such a great time relaxing and enjoying the mountains.

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Nick and I had fun driving out to Grand Junction where a bunch of my dad’s cousins had gathered for a family reunion.  I had met many of these people as a child, but it was fun to get to know them as an adult.  The highlight of course was seeing my parents!

The whole group – 4 different generations



This was the representation from my Grandpa Winfred. . . two siblings and one grandchild plus spouses.


My mom was very excited to see the baby’s bump!


A couple weekends ago, Nick and I had our final adventure camping before kido comes.  It was quite the experience as we did some significant off roading. We often like to off road while in the mountains and I had picked up a book from the library of trails.  We found an area that looked promising and headed out for a drive.  We were driving up near the continental divide near the weather closed Webster Pass.  We got into some tough wet terrain and managed to do some serious damage to Fern.  The nice thing was that we only knew about a blown tire until Sunday when driving home did not feel normal.  Thankfully, with God’s protection, we made it home and it was fixed!

The scenery was as always, beautiful!

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