Ivan turned one year old this November!  He loves to chase the cat, play with friends, wrestle daddy and bear, try different foods, laugh, be around people, and work hard on walking.

Below is a video montage of photos and clips from the past year.

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Ivan and I braved the airport together and went to visit his Reimer great grandparents. It was fun to see them enjoy his smile and laughter.  He figured out how to walk holding onto Grandpa’s walker!  We were also able to see and connect with Aunt LeAnn and her husband, Ken and her daughter, Amanda. We stayed with Grandpa Ed Karber and enjoyed the space to relax and hang out.  A special event for Grandma was being able to go to serve at the Louisa House (a local nursing home) with 4 generations of her family.  Ivan loved giving everyone smiles and waves!

About a month ago, we were able to meet Nick’s family at the Colorado Mennonite Central Committee sale in Rocky Ford, CO.  Family came from all over CO and from KS for a gathering. We enjoyed delicious food at the sale and the musical program on Friday evening.  We hung out on Saturday at the sale, then after naps we found a local pumpkin patch for the kids to enjoy.  We then finished the weekend with dinner together and celebrated Hostetler Grandparents birthdays!

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We enjoyed a weekend away with friends in Breckenridge in October.  It was fun to see the colors again and as always the fun of Breckenridge.

This year it was Nick’s turn to plan the anniversary trip.  We ended up in Vail Valley, staying in Avon and exploring the entire valley.  It was a bit early to see fall colors but we found some good yellow Aspens! Ivan enjoyed getting away with us as well and we slowed down enough to drive over Guanella Pass on the way home.

In a normal summer, we enjoy getting outdoors and camping one to two times every month.  But this year, with Ivan still being so young, we had limited trips.  Even still, we did get to escape twice in August.  Once with Ivan and his cousin Silas (Kara’s nephew), and one more for Nicolas to get away with his brother, Alex.

Camping with Silas was at Meridian campground, a local favorite of ours as it is easy to access and rarely full.

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Backpack camping with Alex at White Ranch (Jeffco) Park.  The neat thing about this park is that the county provides the backcountry camp sites with picnic tables and firewood.  And there are many miles of hiking trails to explore throughout the park.  It also has a scenic overlook through the canyon of the front range, which was great for seeing the city lights from up on high.

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This summer, Nicolas has the opportunity to photograph two weddings, conveniently who are both co-workers of his.  Some of his favorite photos are below as well as the video highlights for each couple.




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