Our 2019 Adventures in Review

1. Nevada Excursion

We explored Las Vegas and Nevada in the spring

2. Winfred Reimer Memorial

The passing of Kara’s grandfather in the spring, along with his memorial

3. San Francisco

We took an extended weekend trip to San Francisco.

4. Summertime

Summers in Colorado are always great

5. Nick and Kara’s 13th Anniversary

We went to Cortez, Colorado + Mesa Verde National Park – extended away without Ivan for the first time!

6. Vacation to Tennessee

Our trip began in Memphis, then Gatlinburg + Great Smoky Mountains NP, and ended in Nashville.

7. Ivan’s 5th turns 5

He’s growing so fast!


Family highlights from 2018:

mosley family-13

Great travel visiting both new and familiar places. Cabo Mexico (vacation), Daytona Beach FL (vacation), Washington state (Kara’s family), Pennsylvania (Kara’s family) plus a 24 hour excursion to Baltimore, Kansas (Nick’s family), Arizona in spring and autumn (Nick’s family).


Renovations to our house, which took the better part of 6 months, though some work is still in progress.  Also the blessing of being able to make it a ‘comfortable’ and enjoyable space for us, for friends, for neighbors, and guests in general.


Not necessarily a highlight, but honoring the life of Bean, our long-time feline companion who passed in 2018.


Ivan, when asked what his favorite thing was from this year, responded with ‘camping‘.


Kara enjoyed having Ivan at a place of more independence. So that meant that she could read more. At last count she read 35 books in categories such as Harry Potter, Health, Marriage, Relationships, Religion etc.




It was so great to be in our home this Christmas Season. The last few years Christmas season has been a bit chaotic with new baby, remodeling, and moving. We enjoyed going and cutting down and decorating a real Christmas tree from National Forest land. Ivan did a great job picking out presents and clothing for a family we picked through Denver Dream Center’s Santa’s Elves program.  We even had to wait over an hour for our family to show up to receive the gifts.  He had so much fun wrapping these presents he decided to pick and wrap other presents for his other friends.  He picked out all kids of toys from his bedroom for his friends. We were very proud of his generosity and hope it continues.

On a few warm days we did a couple house projects like getting the garage floor mud jacked up to the original height (about 6 inches) and building the garden box for the back yard. As one of Nick’s favorite desserts we made sugar cookies and Ivan decorated them with friends. We had extra fun with friends on play dates and dinner dates. We also hosted an egg nog and ugly sweater party for some friends. For Christmas weekend we headed to Kansas to be with Nick’s family.  Ivan enjoyed playing with Uncle Alex and a zoo date with Grandma Karen. Nick and I  spent Christmas Eve with Alex watching the Raiders Football game. Christmas day we spent with the Hostetler family making soup, eating and playing games.  It has been a fun season with friends and some, but not all our family.

Video: https://vimeo.com/308740056


We headed to Phoenix, AZ for the week before Thanksgiving this year.  Nick had some work to do there and we could see my parents for a quick day before they left.  We celebrated with them for Ivan’s birthday as well as a carnival at Alexa’s school. Alan, Nick’s dad came in town from TX and took us all to a football game. It was my first and I have to say I enjoyed it. It helped that we were almost surrounded by other Raiders fans and the Raiders won the game.

We then hung out for the week, fought sickness and spent Thanksgiving day together. We headed home Friday after Thanksgiving just in time for some Black Friday shopping.

Video: https://vimeo.com/306104253

2 Years ago we did a great family photo shoot and we decided to go again this year.  Ironically the photographer we used 2 years ago, Jo Ramsey, has a younger brother, Nate Duncan, who is now doing photography so it was a great shoot at Roxborough State park.

Here’s a comparison from 2 years ago.


Here’s a video of the whole shoot.https://vimeo.com/303910762

mosley family-69

This Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for Ivan’s joyful, friendly personality that he has shared with us, with family, with friends, and anyone he meets.  When remembering this past year, Ivan said he would like to do again at age 4:

  • Camping “with Alex and his friends”
  • Swimming “Going down the slides was my favorite”
  • Beach “Let’s go back to Mexico 69 times.”
  • Race Track “I wish I would have run around the whole big track.”

Here is a 15 minute video of short clips of Ivan over age 3, culminating with his birthday cupcake. https://vimeo.com/302607954

A group of friends met recently at a corn maze and we all had a blast!  Activities included: barrel train, pillow trampoline, corn, and the last wonderfully warm day of fall.

Halloween this year was a blast. Ivan had a bunch of costumes to choose from and we also found a Transformer Bumblebee on line. The helmet broke quickly so I attempted to make one.  After visiting our old neighbors he decided to switch to Spider Man. We went around our neighborhood, and after about 45 minutes he was cold. We headed home so he could hand out candy.  I think Ivan enjoyed handing out candy more than trick or treating. This morning we discussed giving all the candy away to those who might not get some in exchange for a toy. Some call it a “Switch Witch”, I just explained this is the option.  Tomorrow we’ll take the candy to his dentist who sends it to the troops!  Win for all!  We had fun with the activities but no rotten teeth!! And yes thanks to my friend, I dressed up as well.  haha!