My parents had a celebration of 40 years of ministry that they asked my brother and I and our families to be a part of in Pennsylvania.  So we booked a flight to Harrisburg and arrived and headed to the party. We had a busy weekend of being together in a very eclectic house in Mt Gretna as well as spending time where my parents are parked with great family friends who have known me all my life.  The boys were in the pool as much as the rain held off and didn’t seem to mind the chilly water.  We hit up a few tourist stops before parting ways.

Nick and I then took a day to visit Baltimore, MD and hang out around the Inner Harbor area. We walked around and explored some local places and the free Baltimore Art Museum. We thoroughly enjoyed some great seafood while there then headed back to drop Nick off at the airport.

Ivan and I stayed a week longer so that I could visit with my dear friends from elementary school and a college friend in the area.  It was fun to reconnect and have play dates with kidos.  Ivan as always was excited to meet new friends and play as much as possible yet did really well when he was the only one as well.  He is such a great traveler.

We rounded off the trip by a visit to Roots Farmers Market and dinner with special family friends. It was great, but we were tired and ready to be home and see Nick again.


Click here for a video of photos. https://vimeo.com/284805882

We have worked so hard on our home the past 8 months. It has been a whirlwind of projects.

Before and After shots

beforeandafterbefore and after2Since we moved in in December we’ve done painting, concrete, lighting, door handles, hinges, cabinet handles, deck, yard work, tree trimming, and décor. We had the help of wonderful contractors (If you need a great painter, electrician, concreter or decker call me.) and my parents through this spring. We are so happy with how things have turned out and are thoroughly enjoying our space, especially the new deck during the summer.  We also loved the help of Amber Hanna at Cocooned Living…….Thanks to her we can finally enjoy Nick’s art up on our walls!

Here’s a video of more detailed before, during and after pictures. https://vimeo.com/279593062


This spring was full of house adventures and Ivan learning new things like allen wrench and how to find studs.  We continued to work hard on the house and got so much more motivated once we scheduled our deck to be torn down and rebuilt. We had fun swimming in the indoor pools at the rec centers here where we live now and playing outside with friends. My parents passed through here in April shortly after the MCC sale and our spring ended with a boys camping trip and a girls weekend with my good friend from Kansas City. The summer has been full of house projects to get ready for our open house.  Ivan has enjoyed VBS, swimming, house projects of his own, and playing with friends. We’ve also been out of town visiting family in BV and spending time in the mountains to get away. It is hard to believe it is the middle of July already and it feels like the summer is already gone when it barely came…..oh well we have had fun.






Better late than never, but I’m finally getting our blog update. We were able to be with Nick’s family over Easter.  His sister, Leia, and her kids from Italy were visiting so we all flew down to Phoenix, where his sister Abby lives, for the Easter weekend and beyond. Nick took a couple of days off work then worked from AZ for a couple of days. It was great to hang out with everyone.


My parents were still parked in AZ so we slept there and had breakfast with them, other than that didn’t really see them as Ivan would fall asleep before we got back for the night.  He had so much fun playing with all his cousins all day it wore him out.  We also highlighted the Zoo, Phoenix Science Center, playgrounds, parks and Abby’s pool.

So much fun!

Check out the photos and video clip in this fun video https://vimeo.com/271789575.

I took a break for a while, but saw that I had memories coming up on Facebook at over 150 moments of gratitude…. So working toward that… Today we are so thankful for the Chick fila story time. We barely made it this year but every time we come Ivan has a blast! Thanks River Point Chick Fil A and Miss Kortney.

master bath before-after

We have updated our new home a lot since December when we moved in, some projects we have hired out some we have attempted to do ourselves.  The most recent one finished was the master vanity.  I attempted to paint it when we first moved it to make it look better, but we really just wanted to replace it.  So we purchased a vanity on Overstock.com and had it freight delivered to our room (up 2 half flights of stairs). However, when we opened the box we found it damaged: the counter top cracked and the undermount sink no longer mounted.  Disappointed we did nothing but contact customer service and leave town trying not to think about it.  I started to research repairing the chip and reinstalling the sink and decided for some cash back we would attempt to repair it.  I think it was mostly successful and after demolition of our old cabinet we installed the new one, along with the mirror and reinstalling the undermount sink.  I finished the faucet and plumbing yesterday to no leaks!  It looks so much better from the beginning, so here’s before and after photos.

This was the listing photo. Yes mauve countertop – thank you mid 80’s.


Painter getting ready to paint the walls.


Painting the cabinet


Midway there. It’s better but the mauve still has to go.


So much better, and even a new mirror




We had the chance to go to Cabo for vacation in February.


It was not as warm as we thought it might be and we were all a bit sick, but otherwise it was relaxing and  nice to be in the sunshine.  Ivan enjoyed the sand and playing everyday on the beach.

Here’s a video of some picture. https://vimeo.com/260672986

2018-03 Cabo Mexico from N. Moseley on Vimeo.