Kara and I are on our honeymoon in Gunnison, Colorado, this week. Other than the obvious, we’ll post our activities with some pictures next week (when we’re in KS and have nothing else to do).

— The Moseley’s


ABOUT KARA I say I’m from Kansas City, however the truth is I’m from everywhere. I grew up traveling the world and the US. I enjoy traveling to foreign lands. I am a teacher and love kids and teaching kids. I taught in Bolivia, South America for a semester and God moved me to CO and introduced me to an amazing man. I love to be with Nick and can’t wait to marry him and be Mrs. Moseley!!! ABOUT NICOLAS I was born and raised in Harper, KS. From there, I went to college at Hesston College (Hesston, KS) and then to Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO). After graduating in 2003 with a B.S. in Computer Science, I found employment in Denver as a technician and systems administrator. Some time later I became heavily involved in my local church, Grace Chapel. Where Kara and I would soon meet….. HOW WE MET Kara “randomly” showed up at Grace Chapel’s singles Bible study on Thurs, Aug. 11. Nick and she kept catching eiach other’s eye and started a few conversations. Kara was invited to celebrate Nick’s birthday on the 14th and then they started hanging out more and more . . .

WHEN WE GOT ENGAGED June 16, 2006 HOW IT HAPPENED Nick took Kara to Estes Park, CO for a picnic and bouldering. They had to work together to get through cracks crevices and shafts in “The Crack”. Kara got stuck near the end and after finally getting her out they finished and headed to the car for water. They started stargazing when Nick started asking all sorts of questions about how the Crack has application for life and correlations for their relationship. Then he says, “I have one last question for you. Will you marry me?” He pulls off the ring from a carabiner on his pants and they share their first kiss.

WHEN & WHERE September 17, 2006
Morrison, CO ABOUT THE BIG DAY Our wedding is going to be a private wedding in the mountains. We were driving through the mountains looking at different parks. When we came across Mount Falcon Park we found a perfect rock to use as an alter as we exchange our vows. Because it is a wedding on a rock in a park it will be fairly casual.


Libbey Sellars , Matron of Honor — Libbey is Kara’s best friend from when she was 15 yrs old. They’ve been through thick and thin, many other boyfriends and breakups and Libbey’s wedding. They’ve been apart for the past 5 years and are finally again living in the same city and now so excited to both be married!

Jamie Koppenhaver , Bridesmaid — Jamie and Kara lived together in college for 3 years and Kara was able to be a part of her wedding 3 years ago. They always joked about Jamie being pregnant by the time Kara got married!!!

Sandy Severn , Bridesmaid — Sandy and Jamie and Kara all lived together for 2 years in college. Sandy got married first and then Jamie and Kara lived across the fence from her. It was fun to still share flour and sugar for a year till they all moved again.

Eva Girard , Flower Girl — Eva is Nick’s niece. She is the most adorable American-Swiss-Italian girl!!

Ella & Clara Coates , Flower Girl — Nick’s two year old cousins. They are absolutly adorable twins!! Ella has the beautiful voice and is someday going to sing on Broadway! Watch out boys, Clara’s a cutie!!

Dennis Coates , Best Man — Dennis is my (Nick) uncle. Since I moved to Colorado 7 years ago, Dennis has been one of my closest friends. We have many stories together. Like the time he made a contract with me (over some beers) that if I didn’t get a date within 30 days, I had to mow his lawn 10 times. If I were to fullfill the contract, he would pay for the entire date. I think I ended up mowing 20 times.

Alex Moseley , Best Man — Alex is my only brother. I grew up with two sisters, both younger than me. Then at the age of 9, my prayers were answered when God sent me a baby brother to pick on and torture. Although he was pretty cute when he sat in mop buckets and sucked his two fingers!

Joshua Reimer , Usher — Josh is Kara’s one and only brother! He has not only been a brother but also a friend. His role is usher and escort down the aisle.

Pat McKeefery , Usher — Pat is Kara’s adopted brother. He as always had a special place in Kara’s heart and definately approves of Nick!

Nicolas Girard , Usher — Yes, he shares the same as me (Nick) but he isn’t me! And I’m not him!! No, he is my sister’s husband. He is also the father of our flower girl, Eva.

Silas Reimer , Ring Bearer — Silas is Kara’s nephew. He will be just barely one year old, but we are hoping he’ll be walking enough to walk down the aisle.

Carter McKeefery , Ring Bearer — Carter is Kara’s adopted nephew. She has watched him grow up and is excited to have him share in her wedding.