October 2006

pa280555.jpgThe Beauties in Buena Vista are definately Nick’s cousins Ella and Clara, however we also get to appreciate the beauties of the Collegiate Peaks, mainly Mt. Princeton. Yes, the girls are going to be RagedyAnn for Halloween.pa290565.jpg

Too bad the girls weren’t feeling very well, but yes, if you have questions, that is Mt. Princeton out their window in front. It’s a beautiful area of Colorado with lots of 14’rns.

Now back to cooking and laundry. . . yuck, not really, I do enjoy it, it is just always there and I still have residue of a migraine headache that had me out almost all week. . .

So the crazy Denver winters are exhibited here. . . meaning that in the morning we wake up to snow. . . not a lot, a few inches, but nothing changes because by the afternoon it is all melted away!!!! This has happened twice so far this “winter” and it’s not even Halloween!!!

pa210568.jpg pa220572.jpg

p92204750.jpgWe went to Gunnison, CO and stayed and a very cute little cottage near the main street. Nick had the hotel provide flowers upon our arrival and they also gave us a bottle of Champane and 2 glasses. It was very nice. After settling in at the cottage, we had an elegant dinner at Garlic Mike’s with amazing Italian food!!! We stuffed ourselves to the brim, but it was worth every bite. After sleeping-in the next morning, we walked around town to get-to-know the area a little. Nick left his jacket at the wedding site the day before so we had to get him a new one because the high temp was only going to be only around 60.

moseley-r4-051-24.jpgThat afternoon, we drove to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River and walked around and took some pictures. For dinner we hit one of the local Chinese take out joints.

moseley-r5-032-14a.jpgTuesday we went Off-roading in BLM lands outside Gunnison. Most of the roads looked like the picture at left. At one point, Nick even had to move a fallen tree out of our way. . . yea, not much of a road!!

We then went north towards Crested Butte to attempt finding a hot spring by Cement creek…but we didn’t 😦 so we just walked around and found some rocks to use as door stops for our condo. For dinner we checked out Crested Butte and found a quiant little joint called Pitas in Paradise (great Mediterranean food).


Wednesday was the last good weather day so we went horseback riding off of ranch outside of Almont near Taylor Canyon. I had a spunky horse, which was fun! Nick did great for his first ride!! Afterwards we went driving around some old ghost towns and over Cumberland Pass. You can’t see anything behind us because it was snowing!!!!


p9210455.jpgThursday we went back to the Black Canyon and then to 2 winery “tours” and tastings near Montrose. Mountian View Winery was a family owned business out of this guys garage!! It was very well done and cute. Lots of sweet fruty wines. We then went to dinner in Montrose at this great Indian place and then hung out with some locals at a Bed and Breakfast that had live music.

Friday was snowing!! So we took the opportunity to stay inside most of the day. WE finally got out to go to a local coffee shop we found called “The Bean” and Nick read to me from, The Notebook. Then we went to The Trough for steak and Crab!!! It was delicious!!!

Saturday we drove and had to leave the beauty of Colorado to go to KS.  We drove for about 12 hours till we got to Harper. More to come!!