Kara and I had a rough Sunday, mostly because of a short night’s rest, but also because we were feeling inadequate in our personal journey of faith. A major cause leading up to these feelings were birthed from our frustrations with some home repairs, lack of substitute jobs for Kara, Christmas spending decisions, financial challenges, etc etc. While these are ‘minor’, we still felt in a downward spiral.Later that evening, church and Paul’s teaching on the Holy Spirit begat reviving our own spirits. Afterwards, we came together for a time of prayer and petition to our most Holy Father. We realized there really were blessings all around us but we were not recognizing.

The following morning, after the alarm sounded, I looked out the window to witness a beautiful and amazing sunrise, one that is difficult to catch. With a smile in tow, my lips uttered, “God you are truly with us and blessing us”. Not a moment after closing my lips, the phone rang. It was a sub job for Kara for the day. One blessing. Then later that afternoon, I was given an unexpected check. Two blessings. And Kara now has a job for tomorrow. Three blessings. And my shower drain problem is fixed. Four blessings.

God is truly with us…

…we just need to recognize His presense.