So, here is the extent of our Christmas decorations. . . we are still looking for stockings we like to hang on our mantle. Yes, our icicle lights are on the inside, b/c our deck is supposed to be resurfaced and then they have to crawl over our deck to get to the one above us. . . Our tree is one that Nick gave me last year ornaments included except for the few new ones this year of our 1st Christmas together. It has been fun to drive around and see the pretty lights and decorate.

Yes, our decorations are a bit lopsided because every morning and afternoon I pick up at least 2-3 ornaments that Bean has knocked down. . . oh well.

So, Nick and I are done with Christmas “shopping”. We have done things a bit differently this year. . . not wanting to propagate the comercialism of this time of year, but yet still wanting to show our loved ones we care about them. . . so we’ve spent 2 weekends now ordering pictures, putting them in frames, baking and creating Cd’s for gifts. It has been fun and not the stress of the malls and a grumpy man who doesn’t like to shop . . . We’ve also given gifts of time spent with people doing things together. It keeps the true meaning and purpose of gifts to light.

Merry Christmas to all. May Christ be the center of all you do this Christmas season!