Life has been really interesting the past few days. Trying to sort out a lot of feelings and emotions. We recently discovered that the pastor of our church, who started the church some 25 years ago, confessed to homosexual thoughts and actions. He resigned and now is the process of trying to sort through and deal with all of this. This has come out because of a call who knew and cared for him heard that some people were going to take it to the press, which would have been devistating. It’s hard enough to hear something like this from his mouth let alone read it in the news. . . Anyway, if you think of us, please pray for the church family and for his healing!

This weekend I also found out that my aunt is struggling because she lost her job and my uncle has been given a year left to live because of cancer. wow, I remember when I only knew one or two people with cancer, now, it is almost like everyone has had it or have it, or will get it. Do I sound melancholy. . . I’m feeling it. . .

Personality: I guess not much has changed the past year, I think this is what I tested at a year ago. . . it still says I’d be a good teacher, I have my doubts though.

I know Nick hasn’t spoken on here recently. . . but things have been busy for him at work. Please keep us in your prayers. There is so much going on and so many emotions involved in it all.