It began snowing late Tuesday night. In the morning Kara and I awoke to, oh, 2 inches of snow. The forecast was for 1 to 2 feet of snow. “Yeah whatever”, we said to each other.

Then another couple inches fell in an hour…

…and another couple inches after that.

Finally by 10:00 AM we were beginning to realize that the forecast was going to be accurate. Once word began spreading that my (Nicolas) office was going to close at noon, I rapidly contacted Kara to encourage her to leave her nanny job ASAP, which she did. The drive home took about 40 minutes instead of the usual 20.

pc200563b.jpgBy 8:00, the scene outside our porch door was such that it was either shovel the snow off , or have the deck collapse. The “thing” on the left side of the picture, is our BBQ grill with a 3+ foot tower of snow accumalation.


Despite clearing the deck, there was another 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet of snow in the morning. This accumalation eventually led to us building a snow-people likeness of Kara, myself, and Bean.

Finally, our snow day concluded with a tromp through the park.