January 2007

So here I sit again in a warm condo while I watch little white stuff coming out of the sky. . . can it be done yet??? This is now 6 weekends in a row!!! Hard to believe. . . so with all our time in our warm condo Nick and I decided to paint. . .

First we had to pick a color, we did that by mixing paint that we got at Walmart from matching the little 1 by 1 inch pieces of color, very difficult to tell, what it’s really going to look like, so we just painted, then one was too brown so we got a purple that really looked like blue to mix, then we got red to mix and etc. . . so by the time we were ready to actually paint there was a huge chunk of white that was this rambled mix of paint.

Our kitty was very helpful in getting into the paint smelling, wanting to taste and just being her curious self!! The squirt bottle (punishment) was always close at hand.

So finally, here is the finished product. . . WE started with the brown base then rag rolled the “purple which looked like blue” mixed with brown to make a better purple and some red. The red then looked like splatters of blood so Nick rag rolled brown over it again. So about 4 coates later we were done. It looks good, even with the orange couch and the black frames still stand out with our wedding pics. Yea, some color in our home.

So the other night, we went out with Nick’s coworkers from Archtech to Dave and Busters. Nick had somehow accumulated about $20 work of game cards, so we had a lot of fun playing basketball, skiball, driving, and we made this film strip picture. . .


p1060021.JPGNick and I went to Horn Creek for the second year. The cool thing is that this retreat used to be a “singles” retreat, but they enjoy hanging out with us so much they changed it to a “young adults”. . . it was fun!!! We had about 68 signed up to go. As part of the leadership team we went with 4 others on Thursday night which ended up being more of a blessing than we thought. Winter Storm #3 (in 3 weeks mind you) came through Denver dropping 9 inches and at Horn Creek we got some 12 inches. So the drive up was without incident except for the times Nick turned off the headlights and drove by the full moon reflecting off the snow! It was beautiful, but did make me a bit nervous

The huge praise was that we were able to be there safe and sound at Horn Creek and pray all morning and afternoon for those crazy enough to brave the storm. The trip that took us 2 1/2 hrs was going on Friday for 4-6 hrs. We got about 15 more up on Friday night and the two church vans postponed till Sat. morning. So by noon on Sat. everyone was there. This did seem to “mess” with our plans and schedule, but God knew about all of that.

Our speaker Phil Largent is a local from Denver area. He did a great job sharing his heart with us on the topic of Spiritual Intimacy. One of our own, Kris P. lead in musical worship. It was awesome to see people really let go of their inhibitions and worship God!!!

p1060016.JPGSome of the highlights include our Capture the Flag game in the 2-3 feet of snow which ended in everyone tackling everyone else . . . Two of the brave or crazy guys decided it would be fun to jump from the fort into the snow. . . at least 10 feet, but check the picture I got!!!

The other highlight every year is the talent show. This year, there were a ton of great entries including: improvisational music, ninja opera, kazoo rap, Samoan dancing, and our Mac vs. PC skit where they end the bickering by being united in one “flesh”. Everyone also had a blast dressing like a nerd, geek, dweeb or whatever other choice word.

Sara’s Samoan dance was beautiful!


Announcing Mr. and Mrs. P-Mac’n-C


Our “fire man” always needs to burn something. 😉