March 2007

We celebrated Kara’s 25th on Friday night, even though her birthday is today 3/20.

p3160021.JPGThe festivities began with about 20 people gathered at Landry’s Seafood for appetizers and drinks. Shortly after 7:00, all of us converged upon Kara to sing as loudly and abnoxiously as possible. Oh ya, there was also a brightly lit piece of cake somewhere amidst the racket and noise.


Afterwards, we made our way over to the “Bungalow” for ice cream and mucho hang out time. See Adam, see Blake, see how they get ice cream.

Happy Birthday Kara…




Kara’s Dad, Kent, came over on Saturday and helped us to refinish our table’s top. It had become scratched deeply in several spots and had lost some of its color from an incidental spill of nail polish removal. We stripped the dark red stain and left the top with its natural oak color. We also swapped out the wooden drawer knobs with satin nickle knobs to match all the other satin nickle stuff.

Thanks for the help Dad!

Next Project: make the coffee table match!