May 2007

Kara and I had a big weekend in the southern part of Colorado. It began with the wedding of Kara’s good friend, Mandy Trimble, in San Isabel national Forest. Kara was the matron of honor and I was the photographer. Mandy is now Mrs. Caleb Horn 😉 Congratulations to them both!

Immediately after the wedding, we made our way to the Great Sand Dunes (national park), near Alamosa, CO. Upon our arrival to the dunes, Pearl crossed 100,000 mile point! (the picture was taken later since it was at twilight when she rolled over the mileage).

I, Nicolas, had another dumb moment on the trip though. Instead of listening to Kara about finding a place to setup our campsite before dark, I thought we’d explore some off-road trails in the dunes park. Because of that “wasted” time, we did not begin finding a place to camp until dark. We wandered around in the woods for nearly 20 minutes with just a small head-lamp. After setting up the tent, we decided to go back to the car for more gear, all along not being exactly sure where we were at. We found Pearl without any trouble, gathered the gear, and set back on our way to the tent (still in the dark, mind you).

…and an hour later we had not found our tent, so we gave up and decided to go back and get a hotel for the night.

….and another hour later, we finally found the car and headed into Alamosa, which was about 25 miles away. By this time, it was almost midnight.

…and because of the holiday and graduations, there were no hotels available. Anywhere. Even in the next couple of towns. Being to exhausted to continue onto an unguaranteed sleeping joint, I pulled over to the side of the road, and we slept in the car overnight.

In the morning, we set out to find the tent in daylight. And we did it in less than 1o minutes!! After that experience, the rest of the weekend was a blast!!!

p5270067.JPG p5270054.JPG

p5270074.JPG p5280076.JPG

I (Nicolas) am shooting two weddings this summer. With the ever-increasing costs of print film, I decided to invest in a new digital camera. Last Sunday, Kara and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park for the day. It allowed me to test some of the camera’s features, and while shooting was simple, the quality of the pictures wasn’t always what I would expect. However, I did not do a side-by-side comparison, so it could have been a problem with print film too!