June 2007

A favorite food of mine through my life, has been a Mennonite traditional food called “new years cookies”. It is essentially a big round doughnut ball with raisins inside and a sweet frosty outside. Last night we had friends over who were able to get the first experience of the tasty goodness at the 2006 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale with us. We had fun, but it was sure hot cooking those things on a summer day 😉


Kara and Sarah making the frosting.

While Nick and Blake are watching the dough rise.img_1978-1.JPG

Ta da! The final result…


So this weekend began on Friday. . . I went to substitute for 6th grade at a school which I had hoped to get a job but never received a call to interview. Well, I went in to the office to ask about jobs and found out they were interviewing for the position. I went back to my class a bit discouraged since I hadn’t gotten a call for the interview. Well, they paged me and asked if I wanted to take a spot that someone dropped out of. . . of course. An hour later they sent someone down to relieve me and I headed up to the office to interview. I walked out feeling the same as always, but then later the administrator came and asked me to stop by the office before I left. (my thought . . . they want to reject me in person. . . ) So after school I went to the office and he called me in and was like, thanks for your flexability . . . blah, blah, blah. . . we were impressed with your knowledge you brought to the table. . . blah, blah, blah, (I kept waiting for the BUT). . . He then says, “We’d like to offer you the job.” My brilliant response, “REALLY???” I couldn’t believe it!!!

So now I am the new Significant Special Needs teacher at Roxborough Intermediate. The very cool thing about this is that I don’t have a license to teach SPED, however my district has a program that I am enrolled in and I will be trained and coached through the next two years and will, at completion, have a license!!! I will also be working with another SSN teacher as Roxborough is building a new school and we will be all together for the first 6 months of school, then will split and I’ll be in my own room with 3rd – 6th graders. I’m so excited and I start the beginning of July!!!

That was the beginning of the weekend, then Nick and his sister Abby and I left to go down to Lake Pueblo State Park to meet up with Nick’s dad and step mom, Sue. We “camped” with them for 2 nights and hung out by the lake, played games, and ate!!! I say “camped” because they have a delux RV with ac and running water, flushing toilet, and beds!!! SPOILED, but it was a fun change.

Here’s some pictures:

Family Picture. . .


We got a great sunset Friday night !!!


Nick’s tripod and new camera are a lot of fun to play with. Nick is enjoying getting a ton of different shots. We also love betting out of the city so you can actually see stars!!!

Nick also enjoyed rock jumping into the lake!!


img_1582-1.JPGWe had the privilege of going to, Mt Falcon Park, the park we got married in. We did some easy hikes with Gabe and Libbey Sellars.img_1617.JPG

We found the Eagle’s Nest lookout. . . it would have been beautiful for the wedding however it was almost a mile hike in, and many of our guests could not have done the hike. Oh well.

Both boys had to get their fill of tree climbing after eating dinner. Nick is up at the top of this tree, it’s kind of hard to see, because he wanted me to get the height of the tree, however, he was very high!!!


img_1313.JPGWe were in Buena Vista this past weekend to celebrate the twins’ 3rd birthday. And of course, they got first dibs on the cake!img_1334.JPG

Later that night, we let the bonfire begin…and it lasted from 6:00 until 10:30.

To finish the weekend, we took the girls out in their Sunday church clothes for some cute pictures.

img_1399.JPG   img_1479.JPG