September 2007

Our first anniversary this past Monday, came and went with little fanfare. All we did was have dinner at a local Italian place. I (nicolas) didn’t get Kara any gifts. Or a card. Or anything special. Why? I was setting her up for a BIG surprise.

BreckenridgeFor over a month, I had been planning a weekend for us in Breckenridge. With the assistance of Heidi and Abby, we deceived Kara into thinking that there was going to be a big weekend party in Buena Vista. A party in which we needed to bring 1) dress clothes…2) wine….3) hiking attire…4) swimsuits…5) and a detailed driving “plan” to go from Denver to Breckenridge (and then supposedly to Buena Vista).

Sunset on Boreas PassAfter leaving Roxborough promptly after work, we started our driving “plan” by going through Deer Creek Canyon and onto Hwy 285. The next leg of our driving “plan” was to take the scenic route over Boreas Pass into Breck (and then supposed to BV). Our timing of going over the pass was great because we were driving into the sunset….and since most of the aspen trees have turned, it made the drive perfect.

Once we arrived into Breck, I pulled aside in the touristy downtown area, looked at Kara and said “I have a confession” and then proceeded to tell her how the BV trip was a setup. For a brief moment she was wrought with looks of confusion. Then she welled with tears of happiness (of course) because of the surprise and for actually doing something special for us for our anniversary. After checking into our hotel, we explored the Breck nightlife. For a snack, we stopped at “Crepes a la Carte”. From the selection of about 40 different crepes, we selected a spinach/dill for a snack and a peanut butter/chocolate/bananna crepe for dessert. They were delicious!!

View from our Hotel

img_3558.JPGSaturday we had coffee, read our Narnia book beside the Blue River (which runs right through downtown), and window shopped. For lunch we stopped at a superb burger joint (Empire Burger) then went for a short hike and the imminet nap afterwards!

img_3570.JPGOne of the other surprises was a dinner for two at a very nice, very romantic, restaurant in an old victorian house. While it was not the cheapest of places, our meals (and wine) were far superior than any other place we’ve been before. Also, we didn’t rush ourselves while there but enjoyed our time over the span of almost 3 hours.

Anyhow, today (Sunday) we’re just relaxing more, eating more, and exploring more….

p.s. A big thanks to Eric “Cooter” White for the tips!!

Camping on Medano PassKara and I went to the Great Sand Dunes for the second time this year. While Kara’s policy is to “only do something once”, she had a great time on the original trip and wanted to share it with her best friend, Libbey (and her husband Gabe). So the four of us drove down Saturday morning.

Steeper than it Looks!

Our original intention was to camp in the same BLM spot as we did last May, but on a whim, we drove took a 10-mile offroad trail, blasting through 6 near knee deep creeks, to the top of Medano pass to setup camp.

img_3443.JPGThe following day, we did more offroading. First, we went down the west side of Medano pass and around to Mosca pass. Unfortunately Mosca was closed to vehicles as it had been assimilated into a hiking trail directly into the dunes. So we had to take another route back to the dunes.



To complete the day, the girls let the boys go romping in the sand. (Here we are, jumping and laughing, as we race down from the top of 300 foot sand dune with a 20 degree downslope…)


It has been a long time since Kara or I have posted. Part in reason to business, part in reason to unmotivation, part in reason to insert excuse here. So we apologize!

Last weekend, I had the privilege to be the photographer for a Unfortunately because of delays, I was unable to have the time to do more individual pictures of the bride/groom. However, with Kara’s help, I was able to get some pretty good shots with the rest of the time. A few of my favorites are below!