Camping on Medano PassKara and I went to the Great Sand Dunes for the second time this year. While Kara’s policy is to “only do something once”, she had a great time on the original trip and wanted to share it with her best friend, Libbey (and her husband Gabe). So the four of us drove down Saturday morning.

Steeper than it Looks!

Our original intention was to camp in the same BLM spot as we did last May, but on a whim, we drove took a 10-mile offroad trail, blasting through 6 near knee deep creeks, to the top of Medano pass to setup camp.

img_3443.JPGThe following day, we did more offroading. First, we went down the west side of Medano pass and around to Mosca pass. Unfortunately Mosca was closed to vehicles as it had been assimilated into a hiking trail directly into the dunes. So we had to take another route back to the dunes.



To complete the day, the girls let the boys go romping in the sand. (Here we are, jumping and laughing, as we race down from the top of 300 foot sand dune with a 20 degree downslope…)