img_3826.JPGEarly this summer, Kara and I began throwing around talk of a vacation.  Where would go and when we would go was all dependant upon Kara’s new teaching job.  The only consistent leave she could take was one week in early October.  It didn’t take us long to determine a location with that time frame….the coast of Maine, where the trees would be dressing into their various shades of autumn and where the seafood is always fresh.  The particular section of Maine we then chose was one near a National Park, well known for it’s autumn colors.


Our itenerary was [roughly] as follows:
1) Sunday – flight into Connecticut and drive through Mass, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Arrived at our b&b slightly before dark.  Choice seafood for dinner – haddock chowder and fried shrimp
2) Monday – drive into Acadia NP.  Tour Acadia.  Hike trail.  Drive.  Walk trail.  Drive in Bar Harbor.  Choice seafood for dinner – stuffed lobster, whole lobster, and clam chowder.
3) Tuesday – drive into Acadia.  Spend time on beach.  Take pictures.  Drive into Bar Harbor.  Take whale watching tour.  Tour winery.  Buy wine.  Drink wine.  Choice seafood for dinner – lobster bisque and mussels.
4) Wednesday– drive countryside.  Take pictures.  And more pictures.  Tour winery.  Buy 5 bottles, ship 4.  Tour another winery.  Buy 1 bottle.  Begin drinking wine.  Tour Acadia Schoondic Peninsula. Choice seafood for dinner – lobster fondue and split a twin lobster with mussels.
5) Thursday– Explore Acadia.  Toured Schoondic.  Choice seafood – lobster roll and crab roll
6) Friday– stayed inside most all day because of terrential downpour.  Once the storm let up, we went over to Schoondic where there were GINORMOUS waves crashing on the rocks.  (pictures to follow).  Choice seafood – scallops and shrimp
7) Saturday– leave Maine 😦  Drive through Mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut.  We slept in our car overnight so we didn’t have to pay for our hotel for 5 hours.

Enjoy the following photos and “short stories”.  To see larger pictures, simply click on the one you want to view.

Kara taking in the ocean at the only sand beach in Acadia NP

Nicolas hanging on a cliff above the ocean in Acadia

Uh…silly self picture with the ocean in the background

We toured three wineries – Shalom Orchards, Bartlett Winery, and Sweet Pea’s Farm.  In all, we consumed four bottles, two apple wines, one wild blueberry wine, and one apple-blueberry blend.  Bartlett had such an extensive collection of wines (15 varieties?) that we also shipped four bottles home!

On Tuesday, we took a whale watching tour.  Though we didn’t see much of the whales, it was really fun to be out in the middle of the ocean with nothing around us but the waves.

Us stopping for a picture atop a hike in Acadia.  The vast blue in the background is not just sky….most of it is ocean.

Our first day in Acadia, we hiked the park’s “most difficult” trail.  While it was trivial for we Coloradoanderites, it provided a unique experience.  The trail was mostly straight up a 1300 foot terrace!  In order for it to be hiked, large iron bars were implanted directly into the stone.  The pictures below are of us climbing some of the said terraces…
pa080065.JPG pa080063.JPG

Kara and “wimpy” – a 10 foot porcelain sculpture of a lobster.

Nicolas about the indulge in the real life “wimpy” and his twin sister.

Uh…another lubby-dubby picture.  This one is on the beach in Acadia.

Kara proudly displaying the caution sign about the “difficult hike” and that it has been know to cause death.

Nicolas as a lobster.  Not such a good fit.

A real bed and breakfast in Bar Harbor.  Wish we would’ve known about it!!

And now for a smattering of artsy photos.