December was crazy.  It was filled with lots of family, lots of fun, lots of blessings, and lots of lots of all else.  Kara and I are glad, though, to have reclaimed a normal schedule and life.  Let’s recap shall we?  When we last left you, we had returned from Michigan.  Soon thereafter, Christmas decended upon us bringing with it two dozen family members and one wedding.  Kara and I were preparred for the invasion of our condo with my mom, brother, sister Abby, and sister Leia with her husband (Nicolas) and their two girls (Eva and Elise).  Unfortunately, their departure from Wichita was delayed because of a blizzard that parted it’s way through the midwest.  So we had to rendevous in Buena Vista for the Hostetler family Christmas.

This year family gathering consisted of the Coates clan (Heidi, Dennis, Ella, Clara), the Girard clan (Leia, Nicolas, Eva, Elise), the “Christenson” clan (Abby, Jason), the Moseley clan (Kara, myself) , Alex, mom, and the Grandparents.  This was the first time we were able to see Eva since our wedding (Sept 2006) and the first time seeing Elise.  We had much fun was very glad to spend time with each other. 

img_4268.jpg img_4283.jpg img_4296.jpg img_4297.jpg 
img_4292.jpg img_4305.jpg img_4368.jpg 
img_4277.jpg img_4320.jpg img_5164.jpg

After wrapping up our time with the family on Christmas day, the Girard’s and Alex left BV with us for our place in Littleton (nicknamed Chateau Ste Moseley) in preparation for Abby and Jason’s Saturday wedding.  In the meantime Alex, Nicolas, and myself were able to escape for a day to hit the slopes of Loveland.  That night we were able to join together for dinner with Dad and Sue, who very generously treated us to seafood at Landry’s (thank you Dad and Sue!!) and then time for Christmas at the Chateau.

Saturday morning came Abby and Jason’s wedding.  All immediate family members had a role in the wedding.  Nicolas performed the ceremony, Leia was the matron of honor, Alex a groomsmen, Eva and Elise and Clara and Ella were all flower girls, and I was the photographer (with my very helpful assistant Kara).  A few pictures from the day:

img_4423.jpg img_4431.jpg img_4468.jpg img_4490.jpg img_4526.jpg 
img_4563.jpg img_4570.jpg img_4579.jpg img_4584.jpg img_4649.jpg 
img_4676.jpg img_4678.jpg img_4663.jpg img_4805.jpg img_4836.jpg

img_4655.jpg img_4737.jpg img_4743.jpg

Our next major activity after the wedding was to celebrate the new year with the Girard’s and mom.  We toned it down though, because after constant activity and cramming 8 people in a condo made for 3, we all needed to take it easy.  So our festivities included a cheese and meat fondue dinner, a bottle of Kansas wine, and a fierce game of dominoes (of which I edged out Nicolas for the win on the very last domino of the game), and finally a toast at midnight with a glass of sparkling apple cider.

We’re glad this is all over, but we still miss the family time.  Until later!  -nicolas and kara