First off, we should apologize for having been so long from having an update.  Much has been going on since our last post so there are many things to talk about so we’ll dive right into it.

retiled-entry.jpgKara has been in PA since Wednesday to visit friends and family.  While she has been gone, I have worked on a surprise for her – retiling the entry way of our home to match our bathrooms.  This was a big personal undertaking because I am in no way skilled with home repairs.  Wednesday night was a not-to-easy-not-to-difficult removal of the old poorly done tile.  Thursday night I was able to get the tile laid out and cut, the thinset poored, and the tiles put in place.  Friday I grouted the tiles.  Finally, on Saturday I cut new trim and put in place….which suprisingly (to me) was the most difficult and time consuming task!  I wasn’t expecting this to fill up my entire week as it did, but if feels good to have done something productive.

Next thing that’s been going on – Kara and I have had more and more requests from people who want to see my photography portfolio, so I put together a website.  Check it out!  The next scheduled wedding we have is for Tyson and Melissa, who are getting married in mid-June.  Which is the weekend right before our next announcement:

 Kara and I have booked a 3 week trip to Italy for this summer!  We’ll begin by spending time with the Girard’s and then travel throughout the country.  We’re planning Rome, Venice, Florence, Torino, Corsica (which is actually a French island), Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria (region of), and then finish off with more time with the Girards.  Those girls are just so darn cute we can’t do without them!  While we’re gone, Bean will go to summer camp at Aunt Abby’s house so she can lay all over Uncle Jason.

 The next thing that is going on, which can drastically impact our Italy plans, is that I (Nicolas) am likely to have knee surgery again.  As of now, I’m not sure what is wrong, but I should hopefully find out tomorrow from the orthopedic doctor/surgeon whom treated me for my first surgery.  Since our trip is less than 4 months away, there isn’t much time for me to have the surgery and fully recover!  If I only need to have my knee scoped, then it could likely be possible…but if it’s something worse like my ACL, then I may need to consider surgery after Italy.  So the big urgent concern is that either the Italy trip or my health is in jeopardy!  Anyhow, below is a picture of my knee, if you’re curious to it’s inards 😉


On Kara’s side of things, in a couple of weeks, she will move into her brand new school building.  This is very exciting for her because it has tremendous facilities for her special-ed students.  She’ll now have an actual desk too!!

So I guess that’s all for now.  I don’t have many pictures to share this time around, but we’ll leave a photo taken of us at Abby and Jason’s wedding.  Until next time, take care!