March 2008

Last Thursday was Kara’s 26th birthday.  I had many surprises planned for her that she didn’t know about.  The first surprise was that I had taken the day off work to spend it with her.  The second surprise was brunch downtown at the Delectable Egg.  Afterwards, we walked down the 16th St. mall where we ended up at the third surprise: the Colorado History Museum.  The fourth surprise was supposed to be a pinic lunch in a park, but we were still full from brunch and were running behind for our next surprise: wine sampling at Water 2 Wine.  We sampled 20 different wines and purchased 6 bottles of our favorite wines.  After that, we had a seafood dinner at the Bonefish Grill.  Afterwards was our final surprise, the movie The Other Boylen (which, watching a movie isn’t a big surprise, but that movie was unexpected for Kara).  To say the least, it was an action-packed and unexpected day.  To think she was going to stay home and just “read” all day!!

At the Delectable Egg, near the state capital building, and at the Colorado History Museum

0320081046b.jpg 0320081110a.jpg 0320081327a.jpg

 Next surprise….I got my braces off on Tuesday!!!!!


The springtime weather in Colorado is always joked about, and for good reason.  Because only here can you have a weekend like this weekend:


Quick update on my knee.  The doctor/surgeon did in fact see damage to the cartilage (meniscus) of my knee.  So, I am to have “surgery” this Tuesday.  And by “surgery” what I really mean is that the doctor is going to scope my knee to just take a look at how extensive the damage is before we make any decisions on how to proceed.  The likely scenario is that they’ll have to remove yet another 40% of my meniscus, leaving me with only 20-25% remaining.  This situation would lead to me getting replacement (e.g. fake) cartilage.