April 2008

Kara and I recently returned to Kansas for the annual MCC Sale.  Blake and Sarah Lehr, very good friends of ours who came to the sale in 2006, were able to join us again this year.  And to add to the crowd, Abby and Jason were also along for the ride.  The adventure began with a heavy snowy drive along Hwy 86, so much snow that an 18-wheeler that was 100 yards in front of us began fish-tailing and nearly jackknifed in the middle of the road.  We would have been in serious trouble then as it was a longer drive back to Denver than to Limon!  So, we finally did [safely] arrive in Limon (CO)…but then I-70 was closed due to snow and a multitude of accidents.  To be safe, we got a hotel room there and began the trek again in the morning.  Despite being trapped, we had a fun evening with dinner out and games in the hotel room.  Once on the road the following morning, we discovered why I-70 was closed.  Two over-turned cars, two cars in the ditch, one semi on it’s side, and one semi jack-knifed in the middle of I-70.  After being 20 miles into Kansas, the road finally cleared and it was smooth sailing all the way to Hutchinson for the sale.

There wasn’t anything different about the sale this year, it was the same as every year, which is great because it always brings a flood of memories, a torrent of superb food, many reconnections with [extended] family members and college friends, and many a flooding torrents of superb great food.  Oh, and the food was pretty good too!!  I didn’t exactly keep track, but we devoured the usual amounts of verinyka, bonne berogi, new years cookies, russian pancakes, bbq chicken, and whatever else we came across to eat!  Anyhow, I believe the sale raised just over $400,000 this year to feed the poor in third-world countries.  All because we love to serve the Lord by serving others 🙂

After the sale was over, we were able to connect with my Dad and step-mom for the evening.  Then landed in Harper for the evening.  And back to Denver the next day.  It was a fast-and-furious trip, but I’m already looking forward to next year!!!!  Enjoy some photos from the sale below (click on them to see the bigger).

Kara and I didn’t like the way we had painted our cupboards because we felt it distracted from the beauty of our new “wood” floors.  With the majority of the kitchen completed as of today, we’ve only the island remaining to finish.  Anyhow, here is a picture of the new paint….