June 2008

Kara’s parents came to Denver to visit around Memorial Day. It was fun to have them around. Nick got right to work getting Dad to help with some stuff around the house, namely a fan in the bedroom to help keep us cool during the summer months since we do not have air conditioning…

Nick also took mom and dad Reimer out to get a new prayer card picture in the park behind our condo using the new lens which can “blur” the background. It turned out to be a pretty good picture! It was really really good to have them stay in our home with us for an extended time. We enjoyed their company and being able to cook good food each night!

After the Reimer’s left we headed out to Buena Vista to visit with the Hostetler grandparents and the Coates. The twins were celebrating their 4th Birthday! During our time there, we went for donuts (typical), went to Cottonwood Pass Lake, where cousin Nicolas played “who can stay in the freezing cold the longest” with the girls, had a campfire, and did some relaxing and playing for the remainder of the time. It was also great to visit with his grandparents again! By the way, Nicolas didn’t win in the game he was playing with the girls…

Cottwood Pass Lake Kara reading to girls Nicolas giving horsie rides

It has been awhile since we’ve been able to post an update, so we’ll hit you up with four of our latest things – a new lens for camera and memorial day weekend camping.  On our next post, we’ll talk about a visit by the Reimer parents and the twin’s fourth birthday.

As part of our continual process of adding to our photography equipment, we purchased a “special” lens for accomplishing shots with more/less depth perception.  Having a lens as such will help us to create photos where the subject is sharp and the background is out of focus which can create a unique perspective.  Below are a few sample pictures I (Nicolas) took while learning/playing with the lens.




Memorial Day weekend camping was a blast.  Our trip began with a quarter mile climb up a class 7 off-road trail.  When we arrived at the trail, we had to wait behind six other big rig jeeps waiting to go up this hill.  As we watched, they all trouble….but my little Pearl went straight up with less difficulty!


After completing the trail, we drove for a copule of hours in search of the ‘perfect’ location.  We were very fortunate to find a nice spot in the national forest, right at the juncture of FR 502 & FR 503, near Rampart Range Road.  It was beneath a large bald capped mountain with several crags, in a valley next to a creek with dozens (or more) beaver dams.  Note that the picture you see at the very bottom is actually two pictures merged into one…I couldn’t fit everything in all in one photo!  Below is a picture of Kara warming up in the Sunday morning sunshine.

One of the first things that needed to happen prior to having fun was to gather and chop firewood.  Fortunately for us, I was able to find a nearby aspen tree to fell and chop.  (OKay, so I didn’t really fell the tree itself, but I did cut up the remaining 20 feet of it…branches and all!!

 Getting psyched and ready to chop wood.







All done!  4 hours later.  Though not even a third of all the wood is actually shown.







Our beatiful camping spot…