Our entire IT department (of 100+ people) recently had our annual meeting to talk about accomplishments over the last year, upcoming developments/projects, and to review general company things that may impact our department.  One of things management did, and they may have done this in years past of which I do not recall, was to give achievement awards to top performers (though there are so many people who give so much effort and time anyway!).  At a much needed time to feel like I was making a difference, I [unexpectedly] received one of these achievement awards.  Just receiving an award wouldn’t be significant, but was said about my performance is what really hit home.  I am very thankful that my company, my manager (Jennifer), and others have allowed me to grow and use some of my creativity to assist in various things in the IT realm.  Before I become overly explanative, here is what was said about me.  Note that this was primarily written by Jennifer, additions added by the VP (Greg), and finalization by the GVP (Jim).  Again, I am very thankful and truly do feel like I’m making an impact.


This person started with Archstone in late 2003, and quickly proved his motivation and interest in learning new things.  At that time in the company we were experiencing virus outbreaks due to our computers being unmanaged.   Computers were built up manually, software was installed manually, and security updates were not enforced.  We needed a tool, and a person to administer the tool.  Because of the qualities this person held, he was given an opportunity to prove himself in that role.

After this associate’s 4 ½ years in the SMS Administrator role, he has taken our manual processes and created images for computers, packages to deploy updates and software installs, and has removed most of the human intervention involved with preparing a new workstation.  He has also went from being an ordinary member of a Denver SMS user group meeting to being the one people want to talk to for technical or process advice.

The Systems team’s maintenance windows are now heavily dependent on his expertise and in his short time helping SYSOPS he has already improved the accuracy of server patching and helping to bring all systems to a consistent patch level.  In addition to that work with the Systems team, we are undergoing a project to upgrade SMS to the latest version called SCCM 2007.  He plays a lead role in that project and his experience/knowledge are instrumental in the project’s success.

Because of the importance of keeping our computers secure and the fast changing IT environment, he is always extremely busy.  I can’t count how many times I have seen him notice someone struggling or overhear a conversation about a new process we want to implement and he, no matter how busy he is, jumps in with a smile and says, I can help, or I can automate that.  He works with a smile and has a sense of humor that would rival the best of us.

Our environment would not be as secure and our computers as easy for ArchTech to manage if it weren’t for the constant consistent efforts of Nicolas Moseley.