Otherwise known as the Holiday Craze, the crazy holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) have finally come to an end for the Moseley household.  To summarize the past month and a half, we made a batch of wine for Christmas gifts, celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, celebrated Christmas with family that came to Colorado, and celebrated New Years eve/day in Breckenridge.


wine_label-1In preparation for gifts for Christmas, Kara and I split a batch of wine (30 bottles) with our good friends, Blake and Sarah Lehr.  We would have written about this prior to Thanksgiving, but that would have ruined the surprise!  Regardless, the process began in early October when the four of us spent an evening tasting various wines (at Water 2 Wine, the actual producers).  We finally came to a consensus upon a Chilean merlot.  The batch of wine was made with little effort on our part…then 45 days later the wine was complete!  Below are some photos from our time bottling.  We hope to split future batches of wine together.


dsc02239 It wouldn’t be wine without some cheese!

img_1071 Kara, master of filling a bottle to its max

img_1081Teamwork!  Nicolas filling, Blake capping, and Sarah wrapping.
dsc02261The Labling Lehr’s






img_1094This year, Kara and I were able to have two TG meals.  The first was lunch with several others from our church family.   After eating, we began to play games…but had to leave early so that Kara and I could prepare for the next TG meal –  dinner at our house! 

This second meal was with friends who did not have family in the area and were not travelling.  There were 7 of us total and once beggin’ kitty cat.  We enjoyed all the traditional things, Kara’s wonderful stuffed turkey, all the fixin’s, and wine.  We played a couple of games after eating, but could not make a long night of it because of the effects of both turkey and wine!

Both gatherings were a blessing with much food, laughter, and joy.


Coming up in Part 2 of the holiday craze – Christmas!