Otherwise known as the Holiday Craze, the crazy holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) have finally come to an end for the Moseley household.  To summarize the past month and a half, we made a batch of wine for Christmas gifts, celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, celebrated Christmas with family that came to Colorado, and celebrated New Years eve/day in Breckenridge.

We wrote about the wine making and Thanksgiving in Part 1 of the holiday craze.  For Part 2, we’re going to write about the lighting of downtown Littleton after TG and the first portion of Christmas.

Lighting of Downtown Littleton


The lighting of the old downtown Littleton is fun little event that occurs each year on the night after TG.  Vendors line the streets, there is free hot cider and hot cocoa, all of the shops are open, and there is various entertainment such as carollers, fire dancers, and high school bands playing Christmas music.  The festivities conclude with Santa riding down  main street, throwing candy to children and giving his best ho-ho-ho in the cold-cold-cold. 

Unfortunately, we missed out on the final brew-ha which is the ‘throwing’ of a swtich that lights all of the trees lining the streets of Littleton.  Regardless, our favorite portion of the festivities was the fire dancers.  They filled various equipment with a flamible liquid and danced with them in the dark, creating streaks of beautiful flames.  Along with being entertaining, it also made for some fun pictures!

img_7835 img_7836
img_7837 img_7838

First Portion of Christmas

img_1151The first portion of Christmas was characterized by family from Kansas coming to Colorado – for the second straight year!  (Though we didn’t have to host everyone this time as they stayed at the Christenson’s new house!!)  The Girard family made a surprise visit from Italy, though they had already been staying KS for the previous couple of weeks.  They traveled here with Alex and mom and stayed in Denver for four days.  We were continually visiting them at Abby and Jason’s house, only going home to sleep…

img_1163On Christmas morning, everyone was already awake by the time we arrived, and were making a pancake breakfast.  After filling ourselves with maple goodness, we opened presents.  Well, Leia read the nativity story to the girls first, then we opened presents.

img_1186The remainder of the day was spent playing with new playdough and, for the little girls, trying on their new princess dresses.  Leia also spent a good amount of time preparing the sauce for an ‘authentic’ Italian meal for that evening.  Kara’s parents had a layover at the Denver airport on their way to visit the Josh Reimer clan in Michigan, so for several hours in the afternoon, we split from the others in order visit the Roving Reimers in the terminal.  While our time together was brief, it was good to see them on Christmas day.  We exchanged small gifts and were able to send some gifts to Silas and the others.

img_11571 img_1180 img_1179


Nicolas G. - Trying to figure out a toy?

That concludes our summary of Part 2.  Be on the watch for Part 3 – the second portion of Christmas and New Years!