Kara’s parents, Kent and Jan Reimer, are in town for the next couple of weeks visiting us.  Well, they’re also here for conferences at World Venture, but we are fortunate to have them staying with us during this time.  When they do come to town, we are able to use Dad to assist in home repairs/upgrades.  With the list of things-to-do piling up, they came at the right time!

  1. Installed and over-the-oven microwave.  Slowly but surely, we are replacing our older appliances for nicer more functional stainless steel ones.
  2. Installed tubing from sink to ice maker in the freezer.  Have always had the ice maker, but never the water!
  3. Installed better lighting in the kitchen, with some ‘modern’ track lighting.
  4. Sealed cold air leaks from outside closet that come through the duct system
  5. Installed two new electrical outlets around the island