We hosted our bi-annual wine tasting party on Saturday night.  What fun!  We had a great turn-out of 15 people, which was twice as many people as the previous wine tasting.  Our [not too big, not too little] home was filled with laughter and many conversations.  It was also neat to see others, who didn’t know each other previously, to interact and get to know one another.  There was even talk of “I’ll add you as friend on facebook”.  It should also be mentioned that were graced with Austin Curry’s presence that evening, who turned 21 that day!

As usual, we served a variety of cheeses and fanciful hordeurves.  However, we added a bit of flare to the presentation of them.  From a food & wine magazine, Kara had come across a great idea: using old wine bottle corks to hold cards that had the name of the cheese/food.  Taking it a step further, Nicolas used some of his photography and some digital editing techniques to create lavish and interesting cards.  Unfortunately we didn’t pull out the camera for the evening, but we are able to include the photo cards (below) used to identify the food.

 We are considering changing our bi-annual wine tasting to an annual wine tasting….hope to see you then, in early 2010!