Let me (Nicolas) first apologize.  I lied to ALOT of people.  By not telling those who asked what I was really doing for Kara’s27th birthday.  It even caught Kara off guard.

This year, Kara wanted to do something more low-key without spending money because of the impending job loss.  We planned to use a buy-one-get-one dinner coupon downtown, walk around, and call that birthday.  However, we don’t celebrate things often and don’t spend hoards of money anyhow, so a month prior I began planning a small gathering to attend a jazz bar with a live jazz band.

After dinner at the Paramount Cafe, I began to “randomly” wander around the 16th street mall.  This wandering was intentionally directed to make it to Jazz at Jacks by 7:30 where others were waiting.  As we were approaching Kara grabbed my arm and began pulling me backwards to say “no, let’s not go”.  But I insisted that we at least “look” to see how much the cover charge would be.   I show Kara with great surprise that it is free (even though all the while I knew it was free).  We then go in to scope it out.  And find the others waiting for us.  Kara was both in shock and a little bit of tears for the surprise.

Those able to join us were Abby & Jason, Mark & Donna, Matt McAferty, and Gabe & Libbey.