July 2009

July 4th was fun.  We spent time with a friend heading to Belgium for a going away and then we went to Buena Vista, CO for some Hostetler family time (Nick’s mom’s side).  Always fun to see the Grandparents, twins and family from Arkansas.  The girls had fun with sparkler fire works!!

I (Kara) was able to go and spend a few days in Ann Arbor, MI with my brother, his wife and son.  I was so excited to see my nephew and just be able to play and chill out together, so while Josh and Teresa went to work and classes, Silas and I played Legos, playdoh, went the the park, took baths, read books, made pancakes, smoothies and had fun!!  Silas also had some time to help his daddy with the patio between playing with his new shovel and pail.

Josh, Silas and I also went to Toledo Zoo for the day.  Silas and I are baby birds in the one picture. The snakes fish and  monkeys were the most fun to watch.  After yummy Thai dinner we took a walk with some ice cream through a park in Ypsilanti, MI and found some berries on a tree to pick and eat.  Yum!!

We have been busy already in this first official month of summer.  It hardly seems like July 6th, anyway. . . so here’s a bit of an update for the past few months.

Nicolas’ sister Abby and her husband purchased a house last summer, so this summer she and I took advantage of the garden plot and with a little work planted green beans, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, onions and cucumber by seeds and a few tomato plants, pepper plants, and basil

I need to take some new pictures most everything has grown, except for the beans which were attached by the bunnies until Abby and Jason put up another fence to keep them out.  We have harvested lettuce and basil.  YUM!!

Nick and I have also been able to go hiking and camping (only 1 night) which we love to do and will do more of.  Nick is photographing a wedding in September so we did engagement photos.  It was fun to get to know the couple.  We have been to Kansas a couple of times for family things and Nicolas loves to get great shots of barns etc.  Oh yea, and I was supposed to have LASIK, which is now postponed to next week.  We were also helping cook tons of fun with our church to serve downtown to support the local homeless shelters.