We had one final camping expedition for the 2009 season (on the weekend following Labor Day) along Rampart Range.  Following the trend of a mild summer, winter began an early treck into Colorado.  While it snowed in the mountains, it rained alot in the foothills where we were camping. 

IMG_1818The rain held out long enough on Saturday for Nicolas to use his new chainsaw to cut up an entire tree and split them with his Gerber ax.  Ken and Colleen Curry joined us in the adventure that afternoon, but were unsure on whether or not to stay for the night.  Once their decision was to remain, the boys set up the tent…and 5 minutes later is when the rain started.  And kept coming.  All through the night.  Fortunately, there was soooo much wood, that we were able to burn a fire non-stop; and thanks to the Curry’s, we had a large tarp that we used to shelter us from the rain.  So despite the damp conditions, it was an enjoyable time.


IMG_9672Sunday morning revealed to us wonderfully warm sunshine.  With so much wood still remaining, we were able to have a fire that lasted us through the morning.  Afterwards, Kara and myself hiked to the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout, which has a 360 degree panoramic view of the Pike National Forest that stretches for 100+ miles.


View Within Tower


View of Pike's Peak

View of Pike's Peak