October 2009

While to call it a “blizzard” here may be a slight overstatement, it certainly dumped alot of snow!  These pictures are just from the first day; the drifts on our deck measured from 15-20 inches.  Kara was lucky to have school cancelled Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

This is tidbits from our recent vacation in Southern California.  Our cute kitty cat didn’t want us to leave!


We flew out of Denver and arrived mid day in San Diego to pick up a car and head to Seaport Village to listen to the bay sounds and enjoy a quick lunch.  Afterwards, we headed up to Carlsbad to visit with some of Kara’s parent’s long time friends, Ross and Denise.  They generously took us to dinner and let us stay in their home for the night until we could check in Sunday.


Sunday morning, we visited the beach at Oceanside, throughly enjoying the sand and surfers on the beach.  Nicolas really enjoyed it and readily invited return trips to the ocean at any time throughout the week 😉  We also found a great local micro brewery along the ‘famous’ coastal highway.


Monday we toured the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, which is far better than any zoo. Built on several thousand acres southeast of Escondido, they have entire areas where real African animals can run wild, much more than possible at a zoo.  It was a great experience!



Tuesday we went to the beach at Coronado, San Diego’s Balboa Park, and then the Pacific Beach “PB” in La Jolla to watch the sunset. The neat thing about PB was the quaint eateries along their version of the boardwalk.


For Wednesday, Nicolas spent the morning golfing while Kara slept at the pool.  That evening was a [much needed] low-key time playing cards, scrabble, ping-pong, Wii, checkers and air hockey.  Thursday was a continuation of Wednesday, except in reverse.  We relaxed in the morning by playing games and swimming.  Nicolas spent the afternoon golfing again.

Friday we drove the coastal highway to explore the beaches and towns of Leucadia, Encinitas, Solana, Del Mar, and the La Jolla cove.  While having fun at the beach, we dug a “large” hole near the waves and built up walls around it…which we then used to play a game of HORSE using the large stones that lay everywhere.  Kara beat Nicolas in a best of 3 series, winning 2 games to 1.


Saturday we got up late, went swimming, played Scrabble, and drank lots of wine. Enough to put us into a 4 hour nap!  Finally that evening, we went out on the town for one last meal of the local cuisine.  But for Sunday, we took advantage of our 4 PM flight home by spending a chunk of time back where our week started. Oceanside beach! There is a great 1950’s diner located at the end of the pier (hovers over the ocean) which was approximately 4 blocks away from the shore in the ocean. It was a pleasant way to end a great and restful week away.


Thanks to God for restoring us!  We feel well rested.  Below are all of the remaining pictures worth sharing from out adventure.  Enjoy!

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As most of you know, Kara and I take a weekend trip for our anniversary to explore other towns in Colorado that we would not otherwise normally visit. These excursions are always a surprise to one of us as we switch years to secretly plan the getaway. Additionally, we save money through the year in order to have a nice dinner wherever we are at.

For this year, our third anniversary, it was Nicolas’ turn to surprise Kara. We went to the Florence/Canon City area home of the Royal Gorge. In the mornings, we spent an hour or more at a local coffee shop in Florence, reading and playing games.  Then our evenings were spent vegging in the hotel room with our last bottle of wine from our trip to Italy.  Instead of a fancy evening dinner out, we had a “gourmet” meal on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad (the train which goes through the canon under the bridge. Also, there was a wine festival going on at a local winery, with food, wine (of course), and music, which we visited for a couple of hours after our gourmet meal.


I (Nicolas) finally put together several photos together for a video of our week long camping adventure  from July.

Better late than never…