As most of you know, Kara and I take a weekend trip for our anniversary to explore other towns in Colorado that we would not otherwise normally visit. These excursions are always a surprise to one of us as we switch years to secretly plan the getaway. Additionally, we save money through the year in order to have a nice dinner wherever we are at.

For this year, our third anniversary, it was Nicolas’ turn to surprise Kara. We went to the Florence/Canon City area home of the Royal Gorge. In the mornings, we spent an hour or more at a local coffee shop in Florence, reading and playing games.  Then our evenings were spent vegging in the hotel room with our last bottle of wine from our trip to Italy.  Instead of a fancy evening dinner out, we had a “gourmet” meal on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad (the train which goes through the canon under the bridge. Also, there was a wine festival going on at a local winery, with food, wine (of course), and music, which we visited for a couple of hours after our gourmet meal.