December 2009

This video cannot be embedded into the blog page, so click on the link to watch it.  It pits Nicolas & Kara versus Eva (niece), Elise (niece), and Silas (nephew)….

The holiday’s were kicked off with a full and fun week of family at Thanksgiving.  My (Kara’s) parents had been in town for the past month, see posts on Kitchen updates.  So, I started off the weekend on Wednesday with mom baking bread, granola, and beginning peppernuts.  Then Nick and I picked up his Dad and stepmom (Sue) from the airport and headed over to Abby and Jason’s (sister and bro-in-law) house.

Thursday, Thanksgiving we went to Abby and Jason’s for breakfast and a nice chat with Leah and the family in Italy over SKYPE.  Abby and I then began to cook for the dinner.  We baked more bread, pies and put the turkey in, mashed potatoes. sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry salad etc. . . It was a true feast, however we did not know at the time we’d be cooking for 2 more.  About noon, Nick’s Uncle Dale and Aunt Dianna walked in the door announcing their surprise visit from Dallas, TX.  What a surprise.  Nick and his Dad are avid Raiders fans and since the Raiders were playing the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, Dale decided it would be more fun to come up and watch the game together. So as we kept cooking, more people kept coming.  My parents went to the airport to pick up my brother and family and they joined us for dinner.  So in all, Abby hosted and cooked for 16 people!  She did a great job and we had tons of fun.


Friday, was my Reimer Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So everyone came over and we had breakfast together.  We wanted to cook and eat a nice turkey dinner mid afternoon, so we put the turkey in and went to the park to enjoy the sunshine and take some family pictures.  We walked and let Silas play around a bunch until we were done and headed back.  Silas and Josh crashed for a small nap while we finished up lunch/dinner.  We wanted to transition into Christmas and let Silas open presents as well, but we couldn’t open presents without putting up the Christmas tree.  Silas helped me put up the tree, while we followed our Christmas tradition by watching White Christmas, and then we enjoyed sharing gifts.  Silas got some fun new toys, so then of course, he wanted to play.  We opened up the pie and then headed out to Downtown Littleton’s Christmas lighting and Santa Clause.  It was a fun day.


Saturday we headed over to Abby and Jason’s to spend time with Alan and Sue.  We were able to skype again with Leia, Eva and Elise in Italy.  It was fun to chat with them again.  Abby, Sue and I worked on Christmas decorating.  We put of Abby’s tree and other decorations before sharing dinner with everyone.

Sunday, Nick and I picked up Josh and Teresa and headed up to Loveland Ski Area.  Teresa had never been on skis, so I hung out with her and Josh and Nick enjoyed going down harder and faster than us. 😉  My mom and dad brought up Silas around lunch time, so we all ate together, then watched Dad, get Silas up on his “baby skis”.  He was very cute, but it only lasted about 15 minutes at a time.  Sunday night we had a church family dinner and game night.  It was fun for me to introduce my family to my church family.


Monday and Tuesday I took off work and hung out.  Monday night, Josh cooked us some yummy Indian food.  Tuesday we went downtown on the “train”.  Silas thought that was great!  Tuesday evening Nick and I treated everyone at Nick’s favorite bar-be-que restaurant, Jabo’s.  It was yummy!  Then we had to say goodbye as Josh and Teresa and Silas flew back to MI Wednesday morning.  We said goodbye to my parents Thursday as the headed down to Phoenix Friday morning.  It was a great week celebrating with lots of family.

After 2 years of hard work, I, Kara, finally received my Professional License to teach Special Education in the state of Colorado.  I receive this just in time to enroll in classes at University of Colorado at Denver to finish my Master’s in Special Education.  Although, I should be done in 12 months with nothing more on the horizon for schooling for a very long time!!