January 2010

Nicolas owed Kara a Christmas gift from back when they were dating 4 years ago.  Watch the video!

Kara and I had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas this year with a bulk of the Hostetler family.  Mom, Alex, Arlene, and the grandparents all travelled (from Kansas) to the Coates’ residence in Buena Vista, CO.  Abby was also able to join us on Saturday and Sunday.  It was a nice time spent with them.  While the ladies went shopping on Saturday afternoon, Alex and I took advantage of the sled attached to the four-wheeler by trying launch each other over mounds of built-up snow.  Dennis took some video of the event, so we’ll try to obtain it for viewing 😉



Myself and Alex were able to go skiing for two days at Loveland as well.  We spent most of our time going through the trees.  Alex did very well considering that he only gets to ski once per year or less!  I escaped with only a minor injury to my hand!

Below is brief video of me launching off a drop-off at high speed.

The Tuesday following Christmas, Kara and I had the opportunity to serve at a “hotel” that is the home to 60+ elderly and disabled folks.  We did this with other Denver-area house churches.  Our primary purpose was to just love them as Christ loves them.  You can read more about it on the following posts, if you like.



For New Year’s Eve, we had our close friends, Blake and Sarah Lehr, over for wine, a 3-course fondue meal, and games.  It was a great evening, but when 1:00 came around, we were all ready for bed!!

Although we are not planning to have children, the “gene machine” at Dave and Buster’s will give you an idea of what our children will look like.  Below are the images of one boy and one girl.