Here are some of our favorite pictures from this year’s MCC sale.  Be sure to also see all of the photos in the slide show at the bottom of the blog post!

Our good friends, Blake & Sarah Lehr, were able to join us for a third year.  They are always a blast to have around.  How many new years cookies can that guy eat??

Kara and I in our booth

The little old lady (grandma) always catches a nap during the sale.  There is something about the sound of auctioneers that can lull anyone to sleep!

Kara was able to get some “baby time” from Doug and Elizabeth Maury’s youngest one.  He didn’t last long.

Nicolas’ mom was able to entertain children with her clown costume during the kid’s auction.  Dare I say some were probably scared?  I know I was!

Grandpa taking a break from making popcorn to supervise the inside booth.

Lynn and Lisa running the popcorn show with Alex and Abby assisting.  Jason is on dog duty.

Friday night in the booth  – Grandpa, Alex, Blake, and Kara

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