Memorial Day weekend is usually a crazy busy weekend of camping where unless you reserve or show up really early the sites are bad and or not available, however since it’s a long weekend we usually try to get some friends and go.  This year we were working on getting our church together to go camping so we chose somewhere close so people could come and go as they needed.  We camped at Meridian campground.  It was only about a 45 min drive from Denver and it was surprisingly empty!!  Out of maybe 18 sites 10 were filled and mostly everyone were polite and quiet when needed.  The area behind us had just been cleared for a fire block so there was plenty of trees for Nick to cut with his chain saw!!!  We had plenty of fire wood for the whole weekend.

Nick and I took Elsa with us and my parents following behind.  It was a blast to have my parents experience “primitive” camping away from their RV. . . which however, was for us a luxury because we had toilets, drinking water, and trash.  WOW!  Saturday my parents left and the Curry’s came up for the next night.  Hannah, Ken and Colleen came up and we enjoyed “Hobo pies” over the fire.  Stayed up late talking and SASHET’ing and sharing what God’s doing in our lives.  It was a great time together.  Sunday morning Hannah left early the rest of us took some quiet time and reflection of listening and being in HIS presence.  We then played some games and had some fun just being together.  After lunch Ken and Colleen packed up and headed out.  Sunday evening Elsa and Nick and I were left and Elsa asked us our stories.  It was fun to share and remember how God brought us to Him and together. 

Monday morning we awoke with voices.  Some newbie to Denver and our church came up with donuts for a bit of mountain time.  Dan and Angel were outside talking with Elsa. . . It was good to see them as well as a part of our church camping trip. We packed up and were home around noon to unpack and wash to put away for next time.  It was a fun Memorial Day Weekend camp out with I’m sure many more this summer to share.