August 2010

We reached our goal of getting rid of two-thousand-and-ten things in the year 2010!  And we got there MUCH faster than we anticipated!!  The garage/yard sales that we had helped trememdously.  Despite being done, however, we are still getting rid of unnecessary items!  It feels as though a great weight has been lifted (figuratively and literally in lbs.)

So how does someone celebrate such an achievemant?  By painting and rearranging the nearly empty rooms, of course!  Now that our “office/study” and spare bedroom have very few things to be moved and they still have the original white walls from buying the condo 4 years ago, painting was easier.

We painted the spare bedroom in a light green (same as our bedroom) with a dark brown accent wall.

For the office/study, we took inspiration from a box of tissues!  We did a dark purple, which was mixed from leftover dark blue, red, brown, and white paints.  It was matched with a light blue-gray color.

Below is the final results of both rooms!

Have you ever heard of The Grocery Game?  It is an online service that matches active coupons (however old they may be) with current sales at the grocery store to give DEEP discounts and often times even free items.  Kara has been doing this for over a year to save us a ton of money.

Anyhow, the reason that we are blogging about it is because Kara recently made a personal record by saving us 75% on our grocery bill by getting $160 worth of food for only $40!!  This included some expensive items too, like shrimp.  As you can see in the picture of Kara, it was a long list of items.  She is a Grocery Game Extrodinaire!

Membership to the Grocery Game is something like a meager $3 per month.  If you should want to join, use Kara’s email address because she will in turn get free months for referrals.  Also, the first thing to do is get a subscription to the Sunday newspaper and collect coupons for 4-8 weeks because that will be where most of the coupons will match with the sales….

This is worth doing!!