December 2010

This is some of our favorite things that have happened this past year

  1. Completion of decluttering our home by giving away two thousand ten things
  2. Vacation to the French Quarter of New Orleans
  3. Major financial accomplishments – becoming debt free, except for the mortgage
  4. Replacing our 25-year-old windows and sliding glass door
  5. Being with the Girard family (and Nicolas’ family in general) for Thannksgiving and Christmas
  6. Kara’s new teaching position in Cherry Creek School District
  7. Being the photographers for Rachel and Chris McKeag’s wedding
  8. Our 4th anniversary in Salida, CO
  9. Trip to Michigan & Indiana to be with Kara’s family for a wedding
  10. Annual MCC Sale in Hutchinson, KS

With the Girard family in the U.S. for the holidays, we travelled to Kansas to be with Nicolas’ family.  It had been a couple of years since we had last all been together.  Eva and Elise have grown up so much and it was great to finally hold little baby Sophie.  Thursday and Friday we were in Kingman and Saturday we were in Harper.  Below is a 9 minute video of pictures and home video, or you can click on link