Not much significant has been happening around the Moseley household recently.  We have however been looking forward to another adventurous summer of camping.  In 2009 we camped for one week in Colorado backcountry.  For a change of scenery, we are going to camp in the Pacific Northwest (Washington/Oregon) for 2 weeks!  We are greatly excited!!

Since we will fly to the NW, we have a minor challenge.  Our primary gear (tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattress) heavy and bulky, which isn’t ideal for checking baggage and certainly unwise to backpack with.  So we are in the process of upgrading our equipment with ones that are lightweight and compressible.

We found this really neat sleeping bag which is made for two people and it has a 1.5 inch self inflating mattress pad that slip into the underside.  Then we found a higher end, highly breathable tent which sets up and strikes easier than our current 4 person tent.  The excitement is growing!