March 2011

So for my birthday this year we decided to throw a big wine and cheese party.  We celebrated on Saturday evening with 35 friends and family from all circles of our world.  It was so much fun, however with our 3 bedroom condo we knew it was going to be a tight fit.  So we spread everyone out by making each room a different region of the world for the wine and place food on almost any open top space we could find, a few chairs and people got the idea and spread out.  It was a blast!!! But alas, we were having so much fun, we did not take any pictures, Oh well.

Sunday, on my actual 29th birthday Nick had to fly out to Vegas or his annual conference.  So he helped me clean up and then we went for coffee and I took him to the airport.  My church had a small celebration with cupcakes for me that evening.  I also got lots of cards in the mail and happy birthday songs via phone.

Friday when Nick came home from Vegas, we celebrated with dinner out for my birthday and celebration of my Spring Break coming and him coming home.  Then on Sunday we had a great 1st spring hike through Deer Creek Canyon Park.  I loved to see the beginning sights of spring.

In February, we had two out-of-town outings with our church family.  The first was the ice sculpture contests in Breckenridge.  Massive monoliths of packed snow are formed into 12 foot square blocks from which artists will create a sculpture simply by removing the snow they don’t need.  It’s the first time we’ve been there, and the site is something else.

Then a couple of weeks later, several of us went to Fort Collins to tour the local breweries.  The visitations consisted of New Belgium, Odell’s, Fort Collins Brewery, and Coopersmith’s.  We hope you enjoy the photo slide show!

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