May 2011

Victoria and Paul long time friends of Kara and myself.  Recently they asked us to be their wedding photographers, for which we are greatly excited!  They are a very kind couple, with great enthusiasm for life and loving others, so this is a real privilege.

We took advantage of the warmer weather, greener scenery, and [temporarily] dry skies to do their engagement photos.  This short video is some of my own personal favorites….

We’ve had great fun over the last month!  In mid-April, we travelled to Kansas for the annual MCC Relief Sale.  Unfortunately our good friends Blake and Sarah Lehr were not able to join us for the excursion  😦  However, Heather, a new friend and neighbor (in our condo) has a family connection with the Mennonite heritage, so she did come to experience the traditions!  🙂 It was such a thrill and privilege to really get to know her during the trip.

Then Kara’s parents, Kent and Jan, stayed with us for a full week.  During our time together, Kara and Mom created home-made chapstick and deodorant, we were all able to go to the quarterly gathering for all Colorado house churches, visit Fort Collins to tour New Belgium brewery, planted tomatoes/flowers, and just had a wonderful time in general.

Us going down a spiral slide during the tour at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins

We not have too many updates through the summer as Kara has resumed working on her Master’s in Special Education, so will be very busy for the next few months!  In the meanwhile, Nicolas will just be playing Mr. Mom.

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