July 2011

Over July 7-9 and July 16 Nick and I had some great mountain adventures.  July 7-9 we went to Breckenridge, one of our favorite spots.  We enjoyed some great and at times very scary off-roading, a little hiking and lots of photography.  Nick and a college buddy went on a hike together July 16 with again, great photography.  Here’s some for you to enjoy.

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So many of you have seen the 2,010 in 2010 last year when we attempted to dejunk and minimize  our stuff. I continually am reading and doing new things to try to keep our stuff down.  I recently have gotten on the organic kick as I’ve written about a little bit, but also in looking at the organic stuff, looked at the clothing that I wear and want to pair down to less clothing that will be better quality, real, organic cotton or less synthetic materials.  I however cannot afford a ton of clothes that are better so I am thinking that a few key items are what I need, so I started looking into various minimalists bloggers who talk about their wardrobe and how it works for them.  Well, then I came across the 333 project at


So I decided to try it. . .the idea is for 3 months to live with 33 clothing/accessory items, underwear, lounge and workout wear are excluded.  So I attacked my closet and dresser.  I was brutal, knowing that I’m not getting ride of it NOW, but just boxing it up to see if I can live without it.  I piled 157 items on the bed and around the floor and boxed it up: here’s a picture.

Total items I counted:


Shoes – 14 pairs

Dresses – 8

Bathing suit/accessories – 13

sweaters – 10

pants/capri/shorts – 14

tops – 48

skirts – 5

jackets 2

So now here’s what my downgraded closet looks like








At this point, the Project 333 is in stage 4 so from July to September, then I’ll go through my box, change out items for seasonal usage, but keep the number the same, should be interesting.  I figure if I do not touch something after doing this for a while, I can completely get rid of it.  I did donate 2 bags today. . . we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s an interesting video I just found. . . on stuff


For July 4th celebrations we headed up to Buena Vista, CO where Nick’s aunt and uncle and family live.  His aunt and uncle and cousin were coming up from Arkansas and the grandparents were coming in from KS to bring the German Kettle Corn popper to sell on the 4th.  We headed out Saturday afternoon and stayed till Monday afternoon. We enjoyed some time on Cottonwood pass in nature as well as lots of time with family. We headed back early on the 4th to avoid traffic and after hanging out at Hutson Garden’s for a concert and fireworks, we got a small show from our patio too.  Yikes, but fun pictures.

Here’s some pictures to show of the weekend.

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We had the wonderful privilege to be the wedding photographers for Victoria LaFollette and Paul Kingham, whom wed on June 25th.  This is the same couple that we recently had also photographed their engagement.  The below video is our highlights that tells the story of their special day!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kingham!!