So many of you have seen the 2,010 in 2010 last year when we attempted to dejunk and minimize  our stuff. I continually am reading and doing new things to try to keep our stuff down.  I recently have gotten on the organic kick as I’ve written about a little bit, but also in looking at the organic stuff, looked at the clothing that I wear and want to pair down to less clothing that will be better quality, real, organic cotton or less synthetic materials.  I however cannot afford a ton of clothes that are better so I am thinking that a few key items are what I need, so I started looking into various minimalists bloggers who talk about their wardrobe and how it works for them.  Well, then I came across the 333 project at

So I decided to try it. . .the idea is for 3 months to live with 33 clothing/accessory items, underwear, lounge and workout wear are excluded.  So I attacked my closet and dresser.  I was brutal, knowing that I’m not getting ride of it NOW, but just boxing it up to see if I can live without it.  I piled 157 items on the bed and around the floor and boxed it up: here’s a picture.

Total items I counted:


Shoes – 14 pairs

Dresses – 8

Bathing suit/accessories – 13

sweaters – 10

pants/capri/shorts – 14

tops – 48

skirts – 5

jackets 2

So now here’s what my downgraded closet looks like








At this point, the Project 333 is in stage 4 so from July to September, then I’ll go through my box, change out items for seasonal usage, but keep the number the same, should be interesting.  I figure if I do not touch something after doing this for a while, I can completely get rid of it.  I did donate 2 bags today. . . we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s an interesting video I just found. . . on stuff