We love to take quick weekend getaways to a new town in Colorado every year for our anniversary.  This year’s surprise selection was planned by Nicolas.  However, he didn’t know where we were going until two days prior when he had Kara draw from a hat.  Out of 5 possible locations, Red Feather Lakes (northwest of Fort Collins) was the luck-of-the-draw.  The area of Red Feather is well-known for its high altitude lakes that dot the country.  We stayed in a little red cabin out in the middle of virtually nowhere, with stunning views all around.

Around the cabin we had tremendous relaxation, enjoying each other by leisurely hanging out on the outside deck, wine, games, cooking, and reading.  We also spent several hours taking off-road trails to several lakes, all while taking plenty of photos too.  With recent rain in the area, the aspen trees had not yet begun to change into their autumn colors, aside from a very few and small patches.  Though we were able to visit the village of Red Feather, it had very little of anything at all to offer.  But that’s OK because we were there for the mountainous experience.

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