October 2011

Nicolas’ brother, Alex, has now become a professional soccer player!  Alex has always been an outstanding soccer player in youth, high school, college, and now in professional indoor soccer with the Wichita Wings.  His first test was to make the cut in open-to-the-public tryouts, going from 110 people to just 20 or so.  The second test then was to prolong through two weeks of team practices.  After thriving in those two tests, his final chance to make the team came through a “live game” scrimmage.  Of the last remaining 12 unsigned players, only 5 were going to be offered contracts.

This scrimmage was open to public and a live game.  We were extremely fortunate as the game was being played during the week when we were already going to be in Kansas.  Alex played superbly, still impressing his family.  He was aggressive and always in a good position – even with three chances to score – but most impressive was his defensive skills.  Not long after the game, Alex was pulled away from autograph signing to visit with the general manager.  At that moment, the GM had offered Alex a 3-year contract!  (Additionally, Alex’s longtime friend Kevin was also offered a contract.  They have played soccer together since they were very young)

Nicolas hasn’t done many sporting event photos, so many of them were blurry due to dim lighting and slower shutter speeds.  However, some turned out well.  We hope you enjoy them.

Congratulations Boofy, you’ve made the family and us so proud!

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The same day that we did the senior photos for Amanda, we then did the family photos for Jan (a guy) and Tina!  Jan has become a very close friend to Nicolas – nearly every day for the last 9 months, they’ve been talking about life and praying together.  In addition to several images shot in their backyard, Nicolas liked Belmar Park so much that we also shot their family portraits there as well!

It was at a last minute’s notice, but I had the privilege to do the senior photos for a coworker’s daughter.  In addition, I also did a few family photos for her family.  These were shot at Belmar Park in Lakewood, CO.

We were able to escape the city on Sunday 10/2, to enjoy the changing of seasons.  Although only the Aspen trees provide good colors, the stark contrast of bright yellows amongst dark greens is still something special to witness every year.  Our timing for our time was impeccable as less that a week later, the Colorado front range and mountains received its first big snowfall!  Our excursion began by going through Golden, passing near Black Hawk, then dropping into Idaho Springs.  Taking I-70, we then went to Breckenridge, over Boreas Pass to Hwy 285, sat through heavy traffic over Kenosha Pass, and finally traversing Guanella pass prior to landing on I-70 (again) to take us home…

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