This past week we did take vacation time and my fall break to “vacation” in Kansas.  Not our typical, however if vacation is for doing something different then that is what we did.  In addition to visiting  Nicolas’ parents for the initial weekend, we got to work Monday – Friday on the farm where his grandparents live.  They are both mid 80’s and can no longer keep up with the extensive yard work and cleaning, so we spent our time cutting down trees, moving plants, trimming bushes and finding “scrap metal” to recycle.  We had enough trees and rotten wood for 2 large bonfires and one smaller fire that we sustained almost all day on Friday.  We loaded up and got rid of 4700 lbs of scrap metal – things like old fridges, washing machines, water heaters, wheels, and even an old gas pump.  We both worked very hard, yet enjoyed the time spent helping and being with Nicolas’ grandparents.

Enjoy this video from our trip!  The first portion of pictures were of Castle Rock and Monument Rocks, south of Quinter, KS.  More on those photos to come later!