March 2012

This year needed to be special since I turned 30!  Celebration started the Saturday before when Nick bought me a Ninja blender that we’ve been eying for a while.  It came out of the box and I have used it so much to blend, chop, puree and beat all kinds of foods.  My birthday was on a Tuesday and despite a stressful few days at work, my students made it fun by singing to me.  Some actually broke into song each time throughout the day that they saw me.  It was fun.  My assistants also brought in breakfast and I brought brownies to share with everyone at the end of the day.  Tuesday for dinner, Nick took me to an Indian restaurant nearby that we had not been to since it’s opening.  It was very yummy and we even enjoyed Chai Tea and dessert.

Saturday was the big day of partying.  I used the Ninja and cooked Lasagna and meatballs and we bought 9 types of cheese to pair with the wine to be served.  We rented out Water 2 Wine for a couple of hours for tastings.  We had about 45 friends come and celebrate.  We ate yummy food and drank amazing wine.  There was a quiz about me. 😉 Yes cheezy, but fun!! A family friend of Nick’s who had come to do a college visit for his son actually won.  We were all very surprised, but he commented that he had just spent two days staying at our house and he listened well.  I guess so.  Second place went to Nick’s brother-in-law, also a surprise.  Way to go boys.

Sunday was more celebration. Nick and I went out for breakfast to a local place we had not visited yet, Toast. Then our church celebrated as well with  a lovely Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake and more singing and fun.  Thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes, it was a great start to what will be a great year of changes.

This spring has been so busy with work and Kara finishing her grad classes and Nick searching and finding a new job that there has not been a lot of down time together to just be and relax.  A couple of weeks ago Nick announced that I needed to get my studying done so we could have all Saturday for a date.

It was a great day that started with smoothies at Emerald City Smoothies. We then headed to Cherry Creek shopping area and visited one of our favorites 10,000 Villages as well as a few other shops.  We also headed to a glass art gallery, Pismo to see the new Italian show. It was way out of our league, but amazing to appreciate the art.


We then headed home to get dressed up for dinner and headed to the Melting Pot in Littleton for an amazing lunch/dinner.  We also bought a fabulous Barolo to top off dinner. We were doing the Restaurant Week deal for 5280 and got cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue in an amazing broth and chocolate fondue.  Wow, we were stuffed, but it was very tasty.

We finished the evening at a local art event in Englewood. A Mardi Gras Party with art, music, food and drinks.  We had a great time wandering around and really enjoyed the quiet room where we could talk, until it was invaded by other people.  Oh well, it was fun.  We left there and bought a bottle of port and chocolate to round out the night.  It was a great day out and a break from the mundane of life, classes, work and study.

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