This year we decided to combine a trip for me to visit my grandparents in Bellingham, WA with our vacation, so we decided to vacation in British Columbia.  I flew up almost a week before Nick met me in Seattle and immediately went to my grandparent’s farm to help them weed and clean up as much as we could around the farm.  It was only a few days and we worked slowly but the time was well spent.  I enjoyed conversations and just being with them.  After a few days I went back to Seattle to be with my parents and have some girl time with my mom. Dad was able to take some time off of work to take us out for breakfast at the best spot in WA for breakfast and a view of Mt. Rainer.  It was a clear day so we could see the mountain beautifully but the sun was against us so the pictures did not turn out.

Nick flew in town late on Friday, so Saturday morning we went up to Bellingham and met with our adopted Grandparents Ed and Goldie Karber and then headed to the Grandparent Reimer’s farm.  We spent time with them and hung out, walked around the garden, Nick took pictures, and my cousin Amanda came over.  We ate dinner together then Amanda, who graduated from beauty academy about a year ago, was willing to cut my hair. I was in need of a hair cut but hadn’t taken the time before I left.  Anyway, it was fun and Nick enjoyed a few shots to commemorate the occasion. Afterwards, we headed out for ice cream all together.  It was fun.  For a few years now, they have been raising some award winning dahlias so I helped prune the leaves and then had Nick take some pictures to showcase.  They are so beautiful!


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