October 2012

Each year Nick and I celebrate our anniversary by going to visit a place in CO where we have not spent time before. We also alternate who plans the weekend, so this year it was my turn to plan.  What made it difficult this year was the timing of our anniversary fell during our kitchen remodel so that we waited a month before we could set aside a weekend.

So half way through October we headed out after work.  Nick drove but not knowing where to go, I gave step by step directions.  We headed to Golden for a coffee at the Windy Saddle Cafe then went up to Boulder.  I found a cute studio place on AirBnB to rent for the weekend and we checked in then headed out to dinner at the Boulder Cafe. We had a super yummy cheese fondue and other small plates.  We then headed to West Flanders Brewery for a late night beer.

Saturday was a beautifully cloudy fall day so after some coffee we went for a walk around the lake near by then headed to the Boulder Farmers market to look around and shop and take pictures then to the  Boulder Brewery for lunch and sampling beers.  After a much needed nap we headed out to the Pekoe Sip House for coffee/tea and some reading together.  We still were not hungry so instead we found a wine bar called Caffe Sole with jazz music to hang out and talk some more.

Sunday morning we got coffee then packed up and headed outside for some sunshine until lunch.  We hit up Mountain Sun Brewery for lunch and beer.  This is the first time ever I found a beer I liked so that was quite a celebration.  After lunch we headed south and to Denver City Park where I had arranged for a friend of a friend to meet us to take some pictures of us.  Nick ended up teaching a bit of photography in the process but it was fun and we got a few good pictures out of it.  All in all a fun filled non computer or work weekend of celebrating the beginning of our 6th year of marriage.

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In mid-September, my brother Alex was visiting from Kansas.  We were able to break free for quick two-night camping trip in the Kenosha Pass backwoods.  At that altitude, the Aspen trees had already begun turning into their Autumn dress.  We shared some craft Colorado brews, had good conversations, stunk each other out of the tent, killed native wild bears, made fires, dug personal latrines, went off-roading, consumed traditional camping meals, chopped wood, and made even BIGGER fire.

Good times.

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This garden plot has been such a joy and God has provided much produce for us and friends to enjoy, but with the looming freeze and snow prediction I had to finish it off.  So yesterday, Oct. 4 I cleaned it out and took some final pictures.  Thank goodness since this morning we woke up to an inch of snow on the ground.  Yikes.

Here’s some final pictures.

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