“Original” kitchen

We are very fortunate to have the time and talent of my dad to come and help us remodel our kitchen this fall.  It started 9 months ago when Nick started noticing the cabinets in the corner separating from the soffit, and our fridge beginning to freeze things then melt. . . yikes.  So we started looking, thinking, praying and pricing.  Knowing that we use our kitchen for everything and love hosting and entertaining as a part of our ministry together we wanted this to be a decision that we would be happy with for a while. So we finally put down the money and purchased tickets for my parents to fly out to help.

Prep work by Kara

  • tear up 6 layers of flooring
  • pack up the entire kitchen
  • remove handles/knobs to reuse

Day 1

  • pick up parents from the airport
  • remove countertop
  • remove sink/faucet/disposal and give to friendly neighbor who has been helpful
  • remove some base cabinets
  • move all appliances to office or living room
  • dinner with Sellars

Day 2

  • dad: chiropractor and an eye dr. apt
  • show mom around garden for her to help as we work
  • tear out closet sheet rock and studs
  • remove tile backsplash
  • remove and give away all cabinets
  • haul out trash to fill the three dumpsters near by us
  • shopping to Lowes and Home Depot for some supplies
  • Paint ceiling
  • Lay a floor leveler overnight on some low spots

Day 3

  • Patch wall holes
  • start rebuilding walls/ceiling/soffit
  • replace the water turn off switches which were leaking
  • put up new lights
  • dad had a meeting/conference call
  • Nick comes home from working in Salt Lake City to see the house a mess
  • dinner with neighbors

Day 4

Day 5

  • sand down new areas
  • Buy tiles and supplies
  • paint ceiling again
  • Prime walls
  • Church in the park

Day 6

  • more sanding and spackling
  • new texture on walls/ceiling
  • paint color “Bay Sands” on all showing walls
  • Lay out and measure tiles
  • Rent tile saw for an hour and cut pieces
  • dad phone conference/interview

Day 7

  • Lay Tile
  • Mom spend some time cleaning up the garden

Day 8

  • Grout in between tiles
  • clean tiles 6 x’s
  • pick up cabinets with a U-haul
  • move upstairs wall cabinets
  • dinner with neighbors
  • dad’s meeting and interviews

Day 9

  • Put upper cabinets on wall, starting with corner
  • Fight with cabinet company on the replacement of one they made a mistake on
  • hang cabinet above fridge
  • struggle with studs and hanging in the right places to have studs to stabilize
  • Borrow neighbors to move base cabinets upstairs
  • Lose Bean in the process
  • Find Bean hiding around the building

Day 10

  • Finish upper cabinets
  • Begin lower cabinets
  • cut/level/sand/cut/place/level/cut a tad more and level with some shims
  • dinner with neighbors

Day 11

  • Nick and Dad finish the bottom cabinets
  • Finish the electrical outlets
  • Mom to the garden for the final time
  • clean up, get dinner and take mom to the airport

Day 12

  • Find out about the passing of our dear friend Jan Cowles – mourn, cry
  • Work on knobs/handles
  • cut and mount toe kicks
  • Screw and glue 2*4s to the floor for the peninsula
  • Screw the peninsula together and put in place
  • begin to clean out the inside of cabinets
  • Put doors and shelves in cabinets
  • install trash/recycling bin in cabinet
  • Church at Curry’s to pray for each other and discuss/process grief

Day 13

  • screw peninsula on to the floor mounter boards
  • cut the back panel
  • finish the toe kicks and trim
  • add a few pieces of scribe to finish things off
  • more doors and shelves
  • cleaning
  • new outlet stops working
  • problem solve with neighbors

Day 14

  • return a pile of stuff to Lowes and buy a new breaker
  • try new breaker to get the outlets to work
  • clean up
  • return table saw
  • dad to chiropractor, dinner then the airport

Day 15

  • airport run for Nick’s brother
  • cleaning
  • dusting
  • granite template/measured
  • pick up pictures for video/slide show for memorial service

Day 17

Day 21

  • Granite installation
  • sink installation
  • cleaning
  • move all the way into cupboards (except one)
  • connect faucet and plumbing

Day ?? (Many days later)

  • Final cabinet installed
  • finishing cleaning
  • pick out backsplash (in progress)
  • tile backsplash (future project)
  • PARTY to celebrate (evening of 11/10)

Completed kitchen!

Slide show of all the pictures from this adventure of remodeling the kitchen!

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