This year Thanksgiving week was bookended by both of us getting the flu. . . not fun. But we did have a great 2 days off together before Kara managed to get sick.  It started with a wonderful walk on Thursday after watching the final half of the Macy’s Parade, we headed outside in the beautiful weather to wander around our neighborhood.  I think about 5 miles later we got home to grab our food and drinks to head to the Curry Family House for lunch.  We enjoyed a traditional lunch with this wonderful family, who is an extension of our family as they have known us since before we got married and are a part of our church family.  Laughter, games, drinks and yummy food: it was a great afternoon.  Then we headed to Nick’s sister’s house where her husband’s mom and sister were also there. We helped make a fondu dinner, though not being hungry at all enjoyed a few yummy bites.  Enjoyed watching some football and holding baby Alexa, then headed home.

Friday, though we did not really feel the need to go shopping, after our fridge purchase from Sears, we had some “free” rewards money to spend, so we headed out to Sears and purchased a pizza cutter.  Fun and exciting I know.  We came home to put of the Christmas tree while watching the traditional White Christmas, then take a nap. We had decided to go check out the Downtown Littleton’s Christmas lighting events that evening before Nick’s brother, Alex’s, soccer game with the Wichita Wings was on.  We didn’t realize the actually lighting didn’t happen until 6:30, the time the game started, so we had to see it later, but headed home to watch the game online.

It was nice not to travel this year but just be home together and taking care of each other.  Happy Thanksgiving!