I saw some silly poem on Facebook and thought that this could be a fun way to reminisce a decade of life.

01.01.01 First year of college. . . celebrated the New Year in Ireland.

02.02.02 Second year of college – loved living in the dorm apartments with lots of people to hang out with all the time. We also enjoyed many trips to NYC to hang out for a day.

03.03.03 Finishing up classes and preparing to turn 21 and student teach to finish my BS.

04.04.04 Living in Kansas City, hanging out with friends. Just returned from a trip with Avondale Baptist Church to build a dorm in Brazil.

05.05.05 This was the beginning of the end of the time I spent in Bolivia. We took the 6-12th graders to camp for Outdoor Education.

06.06.06 I was almost engaged to the man of my dreams.

07.07.07 Our first summer married we probably went camping or hiking around 4th of July holiday.

08.08.08 Was right before Nick’s birthday the year I bought and assembled a bench for him.

09.09.09 Fall camping for Labor Day weekend and We spent a weekend in Florence, CO for our anniversary to celebrate 3 years of marriage.

10.10.10 We were photographing Rachel and Chris McKeag’s wedding in Breckenridge.

11.11.11 We spent quite a bit of time in KS with Nick’s brother who started playing for the Wichita Wings.

12.12.12 What a fun way to remember the past 10 years. The joys and struggles and finding love and life together.  I look forward to another decade of memories together.

Kara and Nick 120